Easy No Sew Felt Pumpkins

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What’s better than an easy homemade craft you can do using most things you may have at home? I love being able to turn my kids crafts or left over fabric into something new.

Materials you Need:

Toilet Paper Roll
Orange Felt or any Orange Fabric
Green or Brown Pipe Cleaners
Grocery Bags (we have many of these, right?! ???? lol)


These are really simple to make! That’s my kind of craft ???? All you have to do is lay out some material and place the toilet paper roll in the middle. you are going to want to fold the material up and around it to see how much you will need. I used 8″ x 8″ for mine. It will depend on how large you are making your pumpkins.

Easy No Sew Felt Pumpkins

Cut your material to desired size. Once you do that you can fold the material up and over and stuff the sides with a grocery bag if needed. Then tuck the material into the toilet paper roll, and glue if necessary. Then you twist the pipe cleaners around your finger, or a pencil to give it that curly look ???? Add them and glue if needed and you are done!

Easy No Sew Felt Pumpkins


I think these look super cute!!


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