Enter to Win MMTM Reusable Bags!

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My Momma Taught Me Reusable Bags Giveaway

If you haven’t realized by now – I love doing giveaways. I may not be able to afford to give out some high priced items, but I try my best to offer what I can and when I can. Be sure you are in our Couponing with My Momma Taught Me group! I’m so happy to be able to give these away now!!

How to Do You Win One? 

Most Importantly – Being an active member on My Momma Taught Me
Seriously though most people are on social media (aka Facebook) these days. It’s so hard to reach you all because they want me to pay for you to see my content. Like 5% of the people who follow me actually are seeing what I am sharing. That’s why I always tell you to go to the website first to see anything we share. It’s where everything starts!! Of course I don’t always have time to write up a blog post so sometimes I share in my groups. So it’s important to be in there too! I want you all to be able to have the chance to see all the great offers we share each week. The more active you all are the more you will see the stuff we share – including all our useful tips!  I will be selecting ONE random active member each week.

  1. Being Active on My Momma Taught Me MAIN Facebook Page 
  2. Being Active Group Member on Couponing with My Momma Taught Me group
  3. Commenting on the website (you are here now) 



  1. Follow us on Instagram 
  2. Follow us on Twitter 
  3. Follow us on Pinterest 
  4. Follow us on Youtube 

I will be keeping track of  all the active members. That means ANY likes, comments, shares, posts in groups, etc. Those will all count as one entry. I will be selecting ONE random active member each week. Name will be announced and contacted (if possibly) by me. You will get the chance to choose which coupon clutch you would like from the ones I have available or these tote bags. I will then mail you your prize and I am thinking I am going to be adding some coupons to these when I can too!



Enter to Win MMTM Reusable Bags! — 5 Comments

  1. I love saving at the stores when shopping for my family. Plus, these totes are better to use than those plastic bags.

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