I'm An Aunt!

I’m an Aunt!

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I'm An Aunt!

I’m an Aunt!

So I’m not sure if anyone noticed….but for the past few days I have been MIA online. Sunday my brother had his first baby! It’s a girl 🙂 Her name is Eliana Iris and I have been preoccupied being at the hospital and spending time with them all. I’m so super excited and love her to pieces already. Don’t you just love new additions to the family?!

Also…I have been having a headache that started Sunday. It’s day four and I can still feel it bothering me. I don’t know what is going on. I do know yesterday was way worse. The pain was the worst I had ever had for a headache and it did end up making me get sick. So I spent half the day sleeping. I’m hoping it goes away soon. I am gonna drink tons of water and see what happens. I don’t like to go to the doctors unless really need to.

I hope you all have been having a great week. I’m hoping my headache doesn’t bother me enough today to not be able to be online. That’s why I haven’t been even on Facebook much. It’s just too much.


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