Limited Time Offer when you Switch to Sprint

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What phone service provider do you use? I would love to hear about it. If you have been looking to change companies, right now when you switch to Sprint you will get FREE Unlimited for 1 year when you bring your own eligible phone over with you.

By switching to Sprint you can save $900 in the first year alone AND get FREE Unlimited data, talk and text! You can totally keep your current phone when you switch, and get to keep your number, your accessories, your photos, your apps and your music. That sounds pretty simple.

There’s no annual contract and No Activation fee. Gotta love that!

This deal is only for a limited time! So hurry and switch to Sprint and start your FREE year today!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go here and Confirm phone eligibility.
Step 2: Order your SIM card. Next-day shipping.
Step 3: Activate and enjoy!

The SIM card is $2.99 ea. and $10 shipping & handling + tax.

Hassle-free relief starts here

  • Save $900 in the first year vs. unlimited data from Verizon
  • Get Unlimited data, talk & text free for 1 year
  • Keep your phone and phone number
  • No annual contracts, no activation fees – a $30 savings!


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