Easter Egg Filler Ideas

List of Easter Egg Filler Ideas

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Easter Egg Filler Ideas

I’m going to be truthful for a moment here…sometimes I find it very tiresome on these Holidays to gather such things to give to my children. My lack there of sometimes makes me feel like a bad mom (read about my truthful mom guilt’s). But, none-the-less we go on. Someone mentioned to me about eggs filled already on Amazon and thought wow, that is so tempting!! So in case you may be like me and be wondering what to do and how much you don’t want to put in that effort (hey don’t judge me :p lol)… here are some options I found. I also wanted to give some options for you all for items to put in eggs. Please share in the comments below if you have any great ideas we missed!


  1. Mini Nail Polish 
  2. Mini Emory Boards
  3. Lego People 
  4. Small Boxes Raisins
  5. Fruit Snacks 
  6. Stress Balls
  7. Slap Bracelets 
  8. Hair Accessories 
  9. Chap Stick 
  10. Mini Flashlight
  11. Key Chain Accessories 
  12. Sticker Packs 
  13. Jewelry
  14. Whoopi Cushion
  15. Stylish Shoe Laces
  16. Mini Dinosaurs 
  17. Little Finger Puppets
  18. Cars
  19. Money / Coins
  20. Barbie Accessories
    Easter Egg Filler Ideas For All Ages
  21. Barbie Clothes 
  22. Army Guys 
  23. Stamps 
  24. Fun Erasers
  25. Earrings
  26. Tattoos
  27. Mini Playdoh
  28. Playdoh Tools
  29. Fidget Items
  30. Socks

Easter Eggs

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