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List of Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

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List of Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Growing up every Christmas we woke to a huge pile of gifts. My mother was a huge couponer my whole life and she sure did know how to get the most out of her money. It’s no surprise then when I started having children of my own that I followed suite. A couple of years ago I started (and honestly still feel this way a bit) to feel overwhelmed by all of the toys my children received for Christmas. They are the only kids, really, on both side of our family so they have been a bit spoiled. So I decided to start decreasing the amount of items I was getting. Sure I could get them at a quarter of the price, but was it really worth it? Last year we had much less then previous years and my children were just as happy. I really tried to focus on quality over quantity. Only getting items I knew they would really play with and asked for.

The Holidays come and the first thing everyone thinks of to get for their kids may be toys. We can always get such wonderful deals on toys! What about the other items that would make great gifts as well? Here is a list of some ideas for you to give children that are not toys. A popular one that many people follow is the one gift to read, one gift to wear, one gift to delight, one gift to give rule. 

  • Magazine Subscriptions

  • Pajamas

  • Subscription Boxes

There are so many subscription boxes now a days. They are so much fun and even as an adult I love getting some. So I’m sure kids would love them to. Why not sign them up for some and gift them. There is Bitsbox for coding, FabKids,  Little PassPorts, Minechest

  • Pillows and Bedding

  • Tickets to Concert

  • Tickets to Amusement Parks


List Of Non Toy Gift Ideas For You To Give To Kids

  • Memberships

  • Musical Instruments

  • Own Set of Tools

  • New Clothes

  • Craft Supplies

Gift Card Deal At Rite Aid

  • Gift Cards

Many people talk about discount places to get gift cards, but to me I’d rather just get them from the stores or rewards programs. You can often find promotions in stores on gift cards to earn gas points, money back or other incentives to buy gift cards. This is the time to buy them! You can also follow this page here for discounted gift cards that vary and can sell out fast.

  • Family Games

  • Books

Dr Seuss Welcome Package with 5 storybooks for just $5.95. Highlights Puzzlemania or Puzzle Buzz books

  • Calendars

  • Journals

  • Stationary Sets

  • Coin Collecting or Collectibles

Check Out The List Of NON TOY Gift Ideas For Kids

  • Puzzles

  • Sewing Machine

  • Microscope

  • Science Kits

  • Personalized Gifts

It’s fun getting custom created gifts that were made just for you. My favorite places to order personalized gifts are from Jane and Zulily for kids. Photo mug

  • Ornaments

  • Mugs, Tumblers, Water Bottles

  • Sports Sweatbands/Gear

  • Hair Accessories

  • Mirrors


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