Dog Photo From Pixtures Wall Art

PiXtures Re-Stickable Photo Panels are the NEW Way to Decorate Your Walls!

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Dog Photo From Pixtures Wall Art

I’m a sucker for photos, I really am. Side note…how cute is our puppy?! Ahh! Adorable! I think it’s safe to say many of us now a days have tons of photos just on our phones alone. I’ve been trying not to procrastinate like usual and get some photos printed and decorate the empty spots in my home. I finally got around to ordering some prints and trying a new company! I wanted to share with you all what I found.

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Pixtures Card Showing You How To Apply Photos To Wall

PiXtures provides a unique look and simplicity with the way they offer photos. The best part is that you do not need to worry about any frames or nails! These are re-stickable photo panels. It’s super easy to hang your photos with out having to worry about framing and measuring. All you do is peel and stick to your wall, damage free! You can move your PiXtures as often as you need, and see how the adhesive still sticks. That is definitely a huge plus for me being able to move them to exactly where I want them with out damaging my wall.

Pixtures Photos Backing Stick And Peel So Easy To Use

It’s super easy to order as well. All you have to do is choose what shape and sizes you wish, upload your photos and place your order. It’s best to get an idea of placement and how you would like to rearrange these photos. That’s what I did at least. And worst case, you can just easily move these when you wish to. I loved how easy it is to order your photo creations. They even have ideas for you as far as placement goes. The only thing I wish they had was a way to filter the images and maybe brighten them up before ordering. Other then that I found it simple and easy to order my photo creations.

Pixtures Wall Art

PiXtures are uniquely mounted on frame-less foam panels that stick to your wall, damage free! You can print art, pictures from your phone or camera OR you can even try their designs or expressions in PiXtures With Words.

Pixtures Wall Art 2

Here is the final look! While I wish I didn’t have paneling walls…. I think this looks great! It definitely helped make this corner look more at home then just being empty like it was. I look forward to getting more of these unique re-stickable photo panels from PiXtures in the future. They are light weight and look amazing on the wall!

PiXtures Wall Art Photos

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PiXtures Re Stickable Photo Panels So Easy To Create And Add To Your Walls With Out Damaging Them! They Have Great Deals On Them Often You Must See!

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