Proven Ways to Save on School Supplies

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Crayola School Supplies Crayons At Walmart

When it come to Ways to Save on School Supplies there are many different ways! From buying used items, hand me downs, to sales and coupons. You don’t have to break the bank getting your kids ready for a new school year. Here are some of our favorite ways to save on school supplies. Please share with us how you like to save on these items!

Dollar General Back To School Savings

Shop Sales

Obviously if you want to save some money on school supply items you will want to shop the sales. This goes for not only things like pencils and binders but clothing and back packs as well.

Bic Pens At The Dollar Tree

Use Coupons

This is probably the most popular thing one thinks of when you talk about saving money on any item. Same goes for school supplies. There are not a ton of coupons for school supplies but you can find them. This is one great way to Save on School Supplies. The most popular ones we see every year are the ones for pens or mechanical pencils. We often see highlighter and sharpie ones as well. So be sure you are checking your Sunday papers for these coupons found in the weekly coupon inserts. 

Dollar General School Supply Stock Up Deal Ideas

Store Offers

Some stores may be offering up some store coupons to help you save on school items as well. Currently, Dollar General has a wonderful digital coupon to save $5 off your purchase of $25 in school items. We have some wonderful deal ideas for you using this offer found here.

Target Back To School Deals

Shop More than Once

Getting the best deals always requires more than one shopping trip. Lucky for us back to school deals start early in July and run all summer. Plenty of time to scoop up the various hot deals.

Back To School Online Shopping

Take Advantage of Online Deals 

Now a days you can find some awesome deals online for so many items including the back to school items you need. You can find nice discounts on back packs, clothes, and even school supply items! It’s so wonderful to order from home!

Bulk School Supplies

Buy a Lot 

Stocking up is always a good thing. When you see an awesome deal make sure to grab enough so you know it will last you possibly all year long. You will be saving more money in the long run! Amazon often offers large quantities of items. Also, check out where you can find bulk items, and even coupon codes!

Crazy Art School Supplies At Walmart

Buy Store Brand 

Don’t be afraid to purchase items that are not the popular brands like crayola. Sometimes these work just as well. I know we all can have our favorites, but I think they will all get the job done when needed! Often we see these at such a lower price than the brand name items.

Proven Ways To Save On School Supplies

See All Back To School Deals 

Looking for more awesome deals we share for the B2S deals? Head on over to check them all out. We have some useful tips for you like our How to Save Money On Kids Clothes, Free Printable School Supplies Price Points List, and our Free Back to School Price Comparison List. Join our Main Facebook Group!

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