Super Soft 2 Ingredient Dough

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Super Soft Dough

Super Soft 2 Ingredient Dough

Many times I struggle to find some fun and simple activities to do with my kiddos. Of course we have toys, but doing other crafts and such is so much fun. Especially so for my two daughters. My goodness how easy this was to make. We made a very simple two ingredient soft dough.

super soft dough 2 ingredients

To start off all you need is some corn starch and some conditioner! Two very simple things you may have on handy at home! 

super soft play dough

I’ll be honest. Mixing them at first was a bit of a challenge. You really need to work it together to get it to all be mixed thoroughly. When we first started mixing them together it was very crumbly. If you find yours to be as well, I would suggest adding some more conditioner.

To mix them you use half and half parts. So if you do a cup of corn starch you can do a cup of conditioner. I would also suggest using a spoon to mix it for awhile other wise your hand become looking like my kiddos below! Mix with a spoon and then once it’s all mixed better you can take it out and knead the dough until it becomes smooth enough to play with.

soft dough

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