Tape, Paint, And Peel Craft

Tape, Paint, and Peel Craft

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Tape, Paint, And Peel Craft


Painting with kids can be so much fun….and messy! I’m a super fan of painting and really anything crafty when it comes to my kids. We just enjoy creating beautiful artwork that we can display around the house. And maybe keep bins full of! LOL I may have a problem. Tell me I am not alone?!

Tape Paint And Peel 2

A super easy painting activity that you can do with your little ones is create a painted picture of their name using tape and paint. You can use any form of tape you have around. I just happened to have some fancy washi tape handy. Perfect to rip to how I wanted the letters created. 

Tape Paint And Peel 3

It’s really simple. After you put the tape where you want it you can get the paints out and let your kiddos go to work. I love this craft because even the smallest toddlers can paint this and have it turn out adorable with the name!

Tape Paint And Peel 6

Both my daughters each got one to create. We used some cheap canvas boards I got off amazon. You could just use some paper or construction paper for these.

Tape Paint And Peel 4

We used just some regular old kids paint we picked up from Walmart, but I think any paint would really work for this craft.

Tape Paint And Peel 5

Tape Paint And Peel 7

After they are finished painting them how they would like, be sure to let the paint dry fully before removing any tape.

Tape Paint And Peel 8

Once the paint is fully dried you can begin to peel off the tape from the paper. If you don’t wait till the paint is dried you risk having the paint smear onto the white area where you want the letters to be.

Tape Paint And Peel 9

When all done you really get this vibrant piece of artwork with your kiddos name on it that is quite adorable if you ask me. 🙂


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