What to do when your Catalina does not Print

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What to do when your Catalina does not Print

Have you ever been shopping and you did not get your expected catalina from the catalina machine?? I speak from experience that is not a fun thing once you realize this. There are a couple of options you have in order to get your expected catalinas….here is What to do when your Catalina does not Print.

catalina kraft catalina tops

  1. Make sure you purchased the right amount, sizes, and varieties that the catalina offer calls for. We can all make mistakes and grab the wrong item once in awhile.
  2. Go to your stores customer service center and tell them what happened. If the catalina offer was in the weekly ad, you should have no issues with them helping you get back your catalina. If the offer was not in the ad, you could show them one of the catalinas that have the offers on them (or picture if available).
  3. If your store cannot help you, you can contact the catalina company. I recently had to do this and was surprised that it was so easy! You can either fill out the form online (click printed coupon option) or call them directly. I choose to fill out the form. I had to enter specific information, including numbers and such on my reciept in order to get my request processed. With in two days I got an email back telling me my catalina money would be sent to me via mail with in 10 days. I was impressed!

What To Do When Your Catalina Does Not Print

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