How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

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Save Money On Kids Clothes

How to Save Money on Kids Clothes for Back to School

If you have kids then you know just how expensive they can be. The time school shopping comes along you can really start to see those receipts adding up. Between snacks, school supplies and clothes you need to find a way to cut back on some of that expense. My biggest tip I give others is to shop a few times through out the summer for school items instead of waiting until the last week before school starts and buying them all then. That way you can shop the sales and spend less at once then a huge lump some at one time.

1. Go Through Clothes

Be sure you are looking through your kids clothes before you shop for the new ones. There may be a lot of clothes that still fit. I get really lucky and one of my kiddos happens to be a very petite and can fit into her clothes longer than most. I have two girls too, so the oldest clothes often get passed along to the youngest. So far she doesn’t mind.

2. Sell Old Clothes to Buy New Clothes

Growing up this is how my mother always purchased our school clothes. She would go through our old clothes that did not fit and take them down to the local consignment stores to get money from them. Then in return would use that money to spend on new clothes.


3. Consignment and Thrift Stores 

Check out your local thrift stores in town to find some school clothes. You may be surprised at how many offer slightly used or even brand new with tags on them clothes! Look for such stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other small shops in your town.

Make sure you check these used clothes for any stains, missed stitching or any other possible defects before committing.

4. Mom Groups 

Everyone seems to be online now. Check your local listing for any mom groups. You can even make a shout out on Facebook to other moms in your area. You could get together and swap kids clothes with each other. What an awesome way to get new clothes with out having to pay a thing!

5. Used Clothing Sites Online

There are many used clothing stores online now. I recently found out about Schoola, and I am happy that I finally gave it a try. I have gotten quite a few packages of free clothes for both my girls after stacking coupon offers and store credit. Many sites offer a rewards system for referring others. Schoola is just one to name. Another online used clothing site I’ve heard good things about is ThredUp. One of my new personal favorites is shopping online at Zulily. They offer up a wide range of discounts daily on a variety of clothes and more.

6. Overstock Stores

If you are looking to buy brand name clothing for your children, then you should check out overstock stores, such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx. These stores have some low prices on some great clothing, shoes, and accessories. Make sure you double check the prices on the items you are looking for. Just because it’s supposed to be known for having lower prices doesn’t mean that everything in there is a good deal. Know your stuff!

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7. Shop Sales with Coupons

You can still shop your favorite stores and save money. Take advantage when stores offer free shipping online with huge percent off your purchase offers. When shopping in stores, look for the huge discounts and head to the back of the store for the clearances and start there first. Amazon also has some great discounts you can find. Some great kids clothing stores we see have deep discounts online are The Children’s Place, Crazy 8, and Target. Be sure you follow our online deals where we share the best deals.

8. Mix and Match

Get creative! Think about how many ways you can mix and match a few clothing items to make a different look! Doing that alone will help spread a couple pieces of clothing into a few extra outfits. Add a few accessories to change up a look or two.


9. Stay Away from Pricey Stores

Don’t let your kids direct you. I know the older kids can get the more pushy they can get about what clothes they want. Don’t even take them into the stores that you know sell expensive clothing. Avoiding those stores altogether will help ensure that you stay on budget and do no get persuaded into buying more expensive clothing for your children then they need.

Another place to avoid may be shopping malls altogether. Depending on your location some malls may be more expensive then others. Especially if it is a high tourist attraction.


How To Save Money On Kids Clothes 9 Tips We Share With You!

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