Low Prices on Back to School Supplies Starting at Walmart: $0.25 Crayons, $0.17 Notebooks, and more!

walmart back to school deals

Guess What? We are starting to see some great prices on Back to School supplies already! Couponer, Samantha shared these great low priced deals she found at Walmart with us – Thanks!

Crayola Crayons, 24 ct – $0.50 

Lined Paper – $0.82 

1 Subject Notebook, 70 sheets – $0.17 

Folders, 2 pocket – $0.15

Let us know what deals you have seen! I had made a list in the past for low prices we see on Back to School items. I will have to see how accurate they are this year. We also will be adding a category of Back to School items to the site again this year to help you out!

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