Do Coupons Being Doubled Count Towards Dollar Doublers Minimum Spend at Tops Markets?

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Dollar Doublers Coupon towards min spend

There was some recent question as to whether or not coupons Being Doubled Count Towards Dollar Doublers Minimum Spend at Tops Markets. Someone mentioned that they thought that a coupon when doubled is a form of a discount being offered from Tops, so you would need to factor that into your scenarios when shopping and reaching that $20 minimum spend. That’s a valid concern. It can be confusing not knowing exactly what stores do with coupons.

So I decided to send a quick email to Tops Corporate to see what they had to say. You can use this when shopping if you would like. I was told that “Coupons that double are still part of the before coupons as they are considered coupons regardless if they double.”

So I take that as the okay to do your deal ideas as $20 before coupons (including doubled values) and tax, and after sales and tops coupons, right?? 🙂

Sometimes it can just be a case of how the system works (their cash register). So try handing over your 4 $1.00 off coupons and then your 4 Dollar Doublers and then your other coupons and see how that works. My mother and I did these deals for years (back when min spend was $15). We only had issues with mixing up doublers and them beeping or cashiers thinking coupons were discounts. I hope this helps and makes your shopping experience a bit more easy for you.

So I hope that helps you clarify some things this while shopping. If you have more questions about Dollar Doublers at Tops Markets do not hesitate to ask, and refer to my informational post on how they work.

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