30 Day De Clutter & Minimize Challenge (1)

30 Day De-Clutter and Minimize Challenge

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30 Day De Clutter & Minimize Challenge (1)

I brought up a great discussion in our online community group. We talked about de-cluttering and minimizing. How many of you feel like your home is over run with just plan ol too much stuff? I know I feel that way…daily! Now I’m no pro or anything or claim to be, but I do want to take charge and help myself and others be more accountable and start a new challenge of cleaning up your home. Doesn’t that sound nice?? Here is what I have in mind…. a 30 Day De-Cluttering and Minimizing Group Challenge!

Each day in our online community group I will share what we will be working on cleaning out. We are going to start small and work our way up. As much as I want to be able to do it all at once and be free and clear I know that is achievable and too much to take on. Keep in mind that everyone’s organizing will be a bit different, and we all might not have the same things to work on. So if that’s the case just adjust the day accordingly or you get a free day! So let’s do this together one day at a time!

How to Start:

  1. Start a list or mental note of areas in house need work (for some of us it may be EVERYTHING)
  2. Gather any empty boxes, bins, totes, or garbage bags you can.
  3. Get in the right mindset! In order to get rid of things lets ask ourselves if this is something I’ve used in the past 6 months, or even a year? If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to let it go.
  4. Try to figure out a local area to donate to. I personally hate throwing things away so I tend to hold onto things. If I am donating them or recycling them I am more likely able to let that item go. You can even plan to do a yard sale.
  5. Print out our free organizing lists. Pretty simple to a little more challenging depending on your style.
  6. Join the Facebook Group so you can see what challenge and get in on the fun with everyone cleaning out and taking control of that clutter!!

Sorting (1)

I plan on starting out a few days before I start the challenge, and just as I’m walking through my house each day, I’m going to pick up things that I notice are not where they are supposed to be. Often I will see items I have just set down because it was easier then to take it back to it’s original spot. So those will be put in according spot. I figured this will help me to feel less overwhelmed as I start each room or area.

Our List to Tackle:

  1. Day 1: let’s start out super small and work on something that we use every day….our purses! I know mine can become a hot mess and I often have to clean it out. Even my coupons binder, as when I’m using coupons frequently I tend to toss that and everything else into one large tote bag. So let’s all take small amount of time to dump these out and throw away any garbage, put away anything we don’t need in there and just organize a little bit.
  2. Day 2: I know the mail can add up. So let’s take some time and go through those papers around the house. If you are like me they tend to get tossed on a counter or desk top and here and there. So gather up them and throw away any you don’t need and file away those you wan to save. While we are at it we better find a designated spot to keep our mail. Think on the stand by the door when you come in or in your bedroom on filing cabinet or maybe in your desk. Where ever you feel is a good spot.
  3. Day 3: Entry way can get messy quick. Specially if you have kids. Let’s take this day to go through all the coats, gloves, scarfs, shoes, etc. How often do we have pairs of shoes that we feel we may need but never wear? I know we have quite a few. So let’s bag them up and donate any items that you are not actively using. Then take what you are using and organize it, and maybe store the items not in season. Whether it be in the closet or on some hooks. Everyone’s organizing will be a bit different, but I think you get the idea.
  4. Day 4: Let’s work on the family room or living room, or whatever you may call it. Go through the nick nacks you may have laying around are purge any that you feel are not necessary anymore. Then go through the entertainment stand and get rid of any DVDs, CDs, etc that you haven’t used in a long time. Be sure to have a spot for everything making it clear and organized. Remember to think that less sometimes is more! You will feel much better, at least I know I do, when you clear up some clutter.
  5. Day 5: Today we will take time to catch up on the past four days. Just in case something came up, or it’s taking a bit longer to achieve some of the tasks we have gone over already. Pacing ourselves!
  6. Day 6: Start at your work space. Not everyone may have one. I have a desk that my computer sits at and often becomes a catch all for items. So go through any drawers and clean out anything that is old and not needed any more. Wipe down the desk and organize a bit. Make sure everything has a place.
  7. Day 7: Move to the kitchen or where ever you keep your cleaning supplies. Go through any old bottles and anything you may have stopped using and toss them. Re arrange them in the spot you have or maybe you want to find a better way to store them. I recently moved mine from the closet to under the sinks in the kitchen. I tossed old items I was never using and didn’t plan on using since we switched to more toxic free cleaners.
  8. Day 8: The kitchen. Ughhhh. This one is hard for me. It’s one of those areas that I always find new gadgets and items to buy. There’s the waffle maker, the pots, the pans, the dishes, the mixers and so very much more. If you are like me you may not have enough space. That’s why I moved my cleaners out of the closet and put these items in there and moved the cleaning items to under sink. So maybe that’s what you may have to do. Be sure to get rid of any items you don’t use, and any old and damaged items that are no longer working properly. Give away any extras you may have. I gave plates, cups and silverware to my siblings last year. We also plan to figure out a way to hang some of our new green life pots and pans in the kitchen. Maybe you want to even split the kitchen into half and we can re visit later.
  9. Day 9: Dining Room area if you have one work on that one next. I like to go through room by room and tidy up and clean up. My dining room has cupboards so I will be going through them and purging any items I don’t need. I’m also going to tidy up the kitchen table that becomes a catch all as well as the other shelves in that room.
  10. Day 10: Today we will take time to catch up on the past four days. Just in case something came up, or it’s taking a bit longer to achieve some of the tasks we have gone over already. Pacing ourselves!
  11. Day 11: Laundry Room. Seems simple enough really. May depend on your area. My dryer top becomes a catch all or hide all in the back room where no one can see. I will be cleaning out the cupboards above the washer and dryer and tossing and organizing items better.
  12. Day 12: Next up let’s work on any of the House Closets. So that’s any closest you may use to store anything. Maybe it’s coats or miscellaneous tools you keep in the home. Whatever it may be take a day to purge unnecessary items from there and organize it.
  13. Day 13: Ahh the Bedroom. So often I can struggle keeping this place organized and how I’d like it. Half my problem is the design. It’s not always so easy or cheap to completely redesign a room. Oh and loose change. You can find that around in there too just from falling out of pockets! So take some time and organize any thing in your bedroom that you may need to.
  14. Day 14: Ummm the Bedroom Closet. That’s scary. I don’t know about you but I happen to be a hoarder of clothes. I have the hardest time letting go of items I wore in my early twenties. I definitely cannot fit into them and who knows if I ever will or will want to wear even if I did. I have let go of some items last year but I still have a bunch that I’m holding onto just for sentimental reasons. Why do I need to keep any maternity clothes when we won’t be having more children? Not sure, but I’ve still got them! Time to donate!!
  15. Day 15: Today we will take time to catch up on the past four days. Just in case something came up, or it’s taking a bit longer to achieve some of the tasks we have gone over already. Pacing ourselves!
  16. Day 16: Next you can work on the Bedroom Night Stands. I know my nightstands get filled with bottles and books and anything else like hair ties. Not to mention one is  dresser and half the time you can barely close it. So you may want to work on the sock and underwear drawers or dressers too this day. Toss any items that you don’t need and any clothing with holes or worn out.
  17. Day 17: Ohh now this sounds like fun! Let’s work on the Craft Room / Storage Room. If you’re a crafty person like myself or even have kids that are big into crafts then you know how crazy this room can get! Let’s organize those crafts and get rid of anything that we kept but clearly are not going to use. Tackle that storage room if you have one and go through any holiday items or seasonal items you may be storing in there.
  18. Day 18: Take this day to catch up what you wish. It’s your FREE Day. Choose to take a break or work on an area not covered here.
  19. Day 19:  It’s a good idea to go through the Make Up / Personal Care Items. So maybe it’s the counter top in the bathroom or you have or a vanity. Clean up that area and go through and toss any old make up, brushes, etc. Then go through the personal care items like lotions, body wash, and any unused or empty items just laying around.
  20. Day 20: Today we will take time to catch up on the past four days. Just in case something came up, or it’s taking a bit longer to achieve some of the tasks we have gone over already. Pacing ourselves!
  21. Day 21: Linen Items. This will be your blankets, sheets, pillows, and towels. Go through and toss ragged items.
  22. Day 22: Oh boy this is an item I don’t clean often. The Medicine Cabinet. Go through and dispose of expired items properly.
  23. Day 23: Kids’ Clothes. Oh man… this is a task as well. Specially if you have girls like me! Go through and get rid on items you haven’t seen them wear in long time. Bag up seasonal items if you don’t already do that. Donate or box up to sell the rest!
  24. Day 24: The kitchen. Let’s go back and finish up any items in the kitchen we may have missed and give it one more go.
  25. Day 25: Today we will take time to catch up on the past four days. Just in case something came up, or it’s taking a bit longer to achieve some of the tasks we have gone over already. Pacing ourselves!
  26. Day 26:  Oh let’s tackle the Junk Drawers and Misc. So go through those places in the home that are where odds and ends go. Toss things you don’t need!
  27. Day 27:  The day I’ve been dreading…. the Kids’ Toys. This may be best achieved when they are not home. Too many times I find myself keeping toys they rarely play with only because they are claiming it’s their favorite and they will promise to play with them. I recently bought some tote bins to go under their new beds so we can store and organize toys better. We already have purged and donated many, but there are tons more that could go as well.
  28. Day 28: Take this day to catch up what you wish. It’s your FREE Day. Choose to take a break or work on an area not covered here.
  29. Day 29:  Last but not least let’s work on the Pantry Items & Fridge. Check those expiration dates!! Get rid of any expired items. I know my poor fridge needs cleaning up weekly! But this is a good way to tidy up and get yourself organized.
  30. Day 30: Final Clean Up Day. Gather all the items you have boxes up and take them to be donated if you have yet to do that. DO NOT leave these items laying around waiting forever to be taken care of. Just get it done!! You can do this!

FREE Printable 30 Day De Clutter And Minimize Challenge

Get your own FREE printable 30 Day De-Clutter and Minimize Challenge sheet to help keep you on track. It’s very simple and to the point. you can start any day of the week you wish! Just follow by Day 1, Day 2, etc.

You can totally do this on your own, at your own pace, and how in depth you wish. I plan on starting my challenge on Sunday, January 27th, 2019. You can join along and chime in when you can in our community group. See you there!

Take The 30 Day De Clutter & Minimize Challenge With FREE Printable!

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