5 Ways to Save at PetSmart!!

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So many families have animals these days and lets be honest, they can get pretty expensive! Especially if you have more than a few. We currently have 4 cats, a dog and 6 fish aquariums. Food, supplies and equipment add up QUICK in our household. I have had to figure out the best ways to save on the things we need to keep our animals happy and healthy! Recently, I have realized that PetSmart offers a lot of deals and discounts that are not well known. They have a lot to offer, if you know where to look! In this post, I will explain how I get the best deals at PetSmart, and offer tips on how to get the most bang for your buck!


Lets start with #1 PetSmart Treats Rewards!

PetSmart offers a rewards program when you make an account in store or online. (This is FREE, by the way!) This rewards system is a point based system. Meaning, you get points back on how much you spend in store AND online. For every $1 you spend, you earn 8 points. When you get 1,000 points, you get $2.50 Treat Rewards back. Now, this may seem like you have to spend a lot, but you can also use coupons on top of this. So your pre-coupon total will count towards your rewards points. As a Treat Member, you will also receive exclusive email and in app coupons, special bonus point offers (which I will explain more below), a FREE surprise on your pets birthday, FREE shipping on orders over $49, and a FREE day of Doggy Day Camp when you purchase 10 days.

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Remember when I said you get special bonus offers for being a Treat Member? Each month, PetSmart has a few bonus offers where you earn 2x or 3x rewards for purchasing specific items. This month is 2x points back on any flea/tick medication for cats or dogs and 3x points back for purchasing any Merrick brand cat or dog items. (And you can use coupons on this too!) You can find the months bonus offer right in the app, or in store the products will be labeled. This is just an added bonus to products you already buy or have wanted to try. The points add up quicker than you’d think! Keep building your points or use them when you want. They do expire after a years time, so just keep that in mind.


#2 Way to Save – PetSmart Price Matches Competitors and Chewy!

PetSmart actually owns Chewy. Com and will price match any items you find on their website. I find this is especially helpful! Chewy prices are great and they offer fast and free shipping over $49, BUT you can price match the website in store, use coupons and get points back for being a treat member! (THREE ways to save on items you need!)

PetSmart price Match Policy below (or click HERE)-

Price Match Guarantee

Our Price Match Guarantee makes it easy for you to stock up on essentials for your pets.

In-Store Price Match Guarantee:

If you find a product that’s in stock at a PetSmart store for a lower price at a competitor’s store (excluding competitors’ online sites and catalogs), PetSmart will match the price as long as the identical product is in stock at our store. Proof of the lower price (receipt, advertisement or other confirmation) is required. We cannot match prices advertised at clearance, liquidation or other special events. We cannot match ‘free with purchase’ offers, ‘buy one get one free’ offers or rebates. Price matching is not valid on pets and services. See a Store Associate for additional details.

Online Price Match Guarantee: will match any competitor’s online everyday price for in-stock, identical products. We cannot match sale prices or prices advertised on Amazon, eBay, other auction sites or closeout/discount sites. Call Customer Care at 1-888-839-9638.


Here is a great example of price matching in store, and why I love taking advantage of it. In store, my dogs monthly flea medication is regularly $54.99 for a 4 month supply. However, Chewy has the same medication for $48.99. That’s a savings of $6 just for price matching. AND this month, I also got back double rewards points for buying these. Price matching is super simple. You just show your cashier the lower priced item and they will adjust the price at the register. Anything from food, toys and treats can all be price matched! So always look online to see if you can find the items you’re buying for a lower advertised price!

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#3 Way to Save – PetSmart Treat Trail Game!

This is probably one of the least known ways to save at PetSmart. In the PetSmart app, there is a game you can play called ‘Treat Trail’. Its a matching game to win coupons of various amounts. There are 3 levels to play, each one increasing in difficulty, but the harder the game the higher the coupon value. Once you win your coupons, they are good for 2 weeks. The coupons reset every 40 days. You can plan your trips around playing the game to get the most out of your coupons. The coupons you win can be $5 off $35, $30 off $100 etc or percentage off one item, usually 10%, 15% and 20%. This coupon can be combined with manufacture coupons, but NOT other PetSmart threshold coupons. (Like $10/$30 etc)

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#4 Way to Save at PetSmart – Clearance and Expiration Markdowns! 

When products are nearing their expiration date (sometimes it can be a month or two out), the manufacture is changing packaging or the store is simply getting rid of that brand product, items will be significantly marked down. I have seen some items as high as 90% off because of packaging changes! These discounted items can be scattered around the store, so its like a fun hunt to find them. I get a lot of my cats food this way, as well as dog treats. Anything in the store can be marked down at any time. If your store is close enough, pop in there often and you may find some great bargains!  These discounted items can also earn you Treat Reward points if they are a brand that is offering the bonus points too! (And don’t forget, you CAN use coupons on clearance items!)

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#5 Way to Save at PetSmart – PetSmart accepts competitor coupons!

PetSmart takes competitor coupons! This would include coupons from other pet stores as well, like PetCo. Below is their competitor coupon policy (to view full policy, click HERE)

Valid Competitors’ Coupons

We Gladly Accept

  • Coupons for the exact item being purchased
  • Coupons for dollars/cents off, % off, or Free for max item value
  • Buy one, get one (BOGO) coupons
  • Only physical printed coupons surrendered at the time of purchase
  • Coupons with a valid expiration date
  • Coupons with a visible barcode
  • Coupons in Black and White or Color

We Do Not Accept

  1. Coupons for items other than the exact item being purchased
  2. Coupons with missing or with an invalid expiration date
  3. Coupons copied or altered in any way
  4. Coupons identified as fraudulent and posted to Coupon Central
  5. Multiple redemptions on a single coupon
  6. Coupons without a visible barcode
  7. Coupons for services or live pets
    • These are not considered ‘like’ products/services because our live pets are Vet Assured and our Services Associates are specially certified as such
  8. Competitor coupons scanned on a mobile device
  9. Coupons for “while supplies last”, “First 100 in the door” or other door-buster coupons

5 Ways To Save At PetSmart You Didn't Know About

So those are the biggest ways to save at PetSmart! There are a few other things they offer that are great for pet parents as well.

For new puppy owners, they offer a great coupon book for $19.99. This book has a lot of info on the basic puppy 101 care and tips for success. The booklet also has some really high value coupons in it that can be used on various products around the store to help you prepare for your new family member. It also has coupons for play dates and training programs they offer in store. If you need help finding the booklets in your store, just ask an employee! In my store, they are kind of scattered throughout and up at the front registers.

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PetSmart also offers Puppy Play Dates! These puppy romps are not offered at all locations, so check to see if your store offers them. The play dates are Noon-2pm, once a month and cost is $10, BUT if you have the app, there is almost always a coupon on there to get the play date FREE of charge. My puppy recently did his first play date and he LOVED it. Ask an employee for the requirements of the play date. Its for puppies 10-16 weeks of age. At the end of the play date, you get a FREE bag of goodies to take home! Complete with a coupon book with decent coupons and full size samples.

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The last tip I have for shopping at Petsmart is to attend Sample Saturdays! These sample days are the first Saturday of every month. They offer all different food samples and coupons to take home and try. A great way to try new things with your pets or ask any questions about certain foods PetSmart offers. Check with your store for specific times of the event. Below is the month of Aprils samples. You also receive a coupon for an additional 100 Treat Rewards Points!


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  1. Colleen

    {When products are nearing their expiration date (sometimes it can be a month or two out), the manufacture is changing packaging or the store is simply getting rid of that brand product, items will be significantly marked down. I have seen some items as high as 90% off because of packaging changes! }

    Unfortunately , This no longer is the case. I was told instead of marking it down to 90%, they will now put it all on clearance @ 40% regardless. 🙁


  2. Michelle J Guerrero

    Sadly, I just discovered that Petsmart no longer price matches Chewy. This went into effect a few weeks ago. I did call Petsmart to confirm and they confirmed the decision and said its because Chewy does not offer a storefront. Oh well, I guess I will just order everything online with free shipping.


    1. Kristy

      Oh no! Thanks for letting us know.


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