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Biggest Tip I Was Given to Help Combat My Anxiety

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So it’s no surprise that I (as I’m sure many others) have a slew of issues caused from my anxiety. We all have some bit of anxiety and some more then others. But what happens when the anxious feelings start to take control and leave you obsessing and fixating on how it makes you feel?

I’ll tell you what has happened for me. I started being obsessed with how my anxiety was making me feel. Yes… it can cause physical symptoms. I’m not doctor, professional nor claim to be… so be sure to talk to your doctor first to rule out any possible health issues before declaring these symptoms you may have are just from anxiety (that’s what I did). So my anxiety causes me to, at times, get completely faint and dizzy at times. I also can feel hot, sweaty, tingly, dry mouth, short of breathe, chest pains, muscle aches and more.

Now these physical symptoms I get usually show us when I know I’m anxious. I typically get this way shopping, doctors appointments, family get together, etc. What always bothers me is when I can’t tell why I’m having issues.

That right there is what my problem is. I will focus and obsess over how I’m feeling. Same goes for situations or events that have happened or may. I will focus on then and replay them over and over and over. I’ll tell you right now that’s not healthy and makes things worse.

The biggest tip I was ever given was to not tune into these anxious feelings and thoughts. I’ll tell you this is not easy! Specially if you have become accustomed to fixating on them. Your body gets used to doing this. The more you do it the harder it is to break the cycle. If you are upset about something that happened or may happen the more you think about it the more you’re likely to get worked up and have anxiety issues. Same goes for if you have physical symptoms caused by anxiety. Today out of no where I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Just for a split second and I get this like shock wave feeling come over me (hard to explain) and I instantly panic thinking what’s going on? What’s happening? Am I going to die? Yes… that may sound silly to most but those who suffer from these anxious feelings know at that time you cannot think clearly and rationally and your body and mind panic. That sucks and is so frustrating let alone scary! But since I choose to not tune into those feelings they don’t keep popping up. Sometimes I will get them here and there but compared to the past it’s nothing. I used to focus on how I felt and wait to see if it would happen again and each time it did I’d panic more causing my body so much turmoil really.

I’ll tell you the less you focus on these anxious thoughts and feelings that anxiety gives you the less frequent they will become. From my personal experience, and from taking the advice my this book, I have found this method to work. I have yet to completely rid myself of this, but not tuning in and giving the anxiety power has helped me so much. I’ve gone from major full blown panic attacks down to very minimal occurrences.

It takes hard work and time, but if you can stop tuning in you will start to feel so much better! I promise you!

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