Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins – No Sewing or Gluing!

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DIY Fabric Pumpkins

These easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins are perfect craft for you and even your kids! There is no gluing or sewing involved at all and it’s super cheap to make! You can create your very own with out having to spend a ton of money.

Items You Need:

Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Seriously how cute are these little fabric pumpkins? You can buy some little pumpkins at the Dollar Tree. That is probably going to be the best store to get the lowest priced items for this craft. You can also find raffia and the twine there as well. If you cannot find the little pumpkins you can also use some plastic bags, old t-shirts or filling.

Creating the Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Which ever filling item you decide to use you place in the middle of the fabric of your choice. You can find that Walmart has cheap Fabric Squares for $0.97  – $1.47. You can also use any fabric you may have in your craft stash or and old shirt like we did above here. After you place your filling in the middle of your fabric you can then start to pull the fabric up towards the center. You start on one end and keep going pulling a little fabric up at a time to bunch it at the top. Once you finish making your way all around you can tie off your material at the top using twine or rubber bands.

Making our DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Once you tie off the fabric you can cut off the access material at the top of pumpkin like shown in the image above.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins How to

After you cut off the material you can then add your accessories to the top. We added raffia to ours. You can watch the video below to see exactly how we made our fabric pumpkins and the raffia bows on the top.

Our Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Here is the finished look of all our fabric pumpkins. I made three of them and my daughters each made one as well. Perfect addition to the home during the fall season and at an affordable price. These pumpkins cost us less than $5.00 to make.

Watch our video on how we put together our fabric pumpkins. It’s easier then you think!


Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins No Sewing Or Gluing!

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