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Geneva BJ’s Wholesale Club Closing Now 25% Purchase for Anyone!!

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Geneva, NY and nearby residents you may want to get to the Geneva BJ’s Wholesale Club as soon as you can! The Geneva BJ’s Wholesale Club is Closing. Such sad news. I went there tonight to find out the details of them closing, since I was told they had some great TV sales! So here’s everything you need to know… please refer to the post about them closing here.

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So deal is anyone can shop! You don’t need to be a member! There is a 25% off savings on everything in store. They have to come take extra 25% off at end, so be sure to ask for assistance.  So you guys… that’s on top of instant offers, clipless and coupons!! Score!! I cannot say whether or not we will see lower savings. I’m surprised they have this so far, so it’s gonna be a gamble. I would guess they are gonna sell out of most items and send the rest to other warehouses.

  • Everyone can shop; no membership required
  • Save 25% off total purchase
  • Discount is after all others
  • Coupons still accepted!!
  • Must have employee come enter 25% coupon
  • Act Fast, items will go fast!
  • Have a membership? They will give FULL refunds.

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Time to stock up on those diapers, paper items, and anything else you can think of!

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Another great idea idea is to grab big ticket items like TVs and other electronics. These are definitely going to be the first items to sell out.

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Act fast… this is the busiest I’ve ever seen BJ’s Wholesale Club. They will be selling out of items fast at this pace. People are definitely stocking up and taking advantage of this extra savings!!

Don’t forget you can use coupons still!! So this is basically 25% your total purchase!! Score!

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