How To Have A Date Night Staying Home (With Your Kids)

How to Have a Date Night Staying Home (With Your Kids)

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How To Have A Date Night Staying Home (With Your Kids)

Sometimes it’s hard to find that time where you and your significant other can get out to have a date night. Specially if you have kids!! I’m not sure how often we get to have a date night. Sometimes we are able to just get enough free time to do things like work around the house, grocery shop, or run an errand with out our kids together.

Here is how we still get some alone adult time with out leaving our house and with the kids still home!! Yes, it’s possible!! How to Have a Date Night Staying Home  with Kids…

For my Husband      Rattlesnake pasta

Some nights we pick out a movie that we have been wanting to watch (redbox freebie night, of course) or we pick on out from Amazon Prime Videos, or maybe just something saved on the DVR. I tend to make my husband’s favorite meal when I plan one of these date nights for us. His favorite meal is rattlesnake pasta. You know, the one from Uno’s! I do my own take on it, and he loves it. So that’s all that matters.

I also pick out a movie for the kids that they either have not seen or haven’t seen in awhile. This gives them something to occupy their time away from us. We have a tv in their room with a hook up for movies to play.

How To Have Date Night At Home With Kids

Another thing you want to do is make sure there are some other things to occupy your kids. I don’t know about your kids, but mine can not sit through an entire movie. So I make sure to have some fun snacks for them ready and out. Make it a fun movie night for them. Have them surround the room with their dolls and stuffed animals to watch the movie too. Have yummy kids snacks like popcorn, gummies, etc. Maybe even have an intermission time where you all make ice cream sundaes. It’s important to find things to occupy them so that way you and your significant other have some quiet and alone time. Whether it’s a movie or just to eat a meal together.

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