Michael's $4.00 Grab Bags or Boxes are a STEAL

Michael’s $4.00 Grab Bags or Boxes are a STEAL

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Michael's $4.00 Grab Bags or Boxes are a STEAL

You guys these Michael’s $4.00 Grab Bags or Boxes are a STEAL! I have to say that I’ve always been pretty hesitant. I’m quite the craft snob… I’ll admit it. So I was super nervous to try these. But, I think we got lucky or should I say my kids did. I cannot believe all the goodies we got for ONLY $4.00 a box! A great idea is to buy a couple and save items for Birthdays, Holidays or Crafting!

We opened our first ever grab boxes live today on Facebook here, and you can watch how excited my kids were and just exactly everything we got. It was insane!

Michael's $4.00 Grab Box full of kids items

Typically you will see big bags and you may see these boxes. I was so shocked when my husband came through the door holding 4 large boxes!! Most of the stores should offer these if they have any left over items they are getting rid of. May be seasonal, or like this you may get lucky with some kids items or stationary! Be sure to hurry along to your store, because once they are gone, they are gone. These are random and vary depending on store. Some stores even put out larger items like you can see above, a lemonade cardboard stand for $4.00.

  • Most Store Should Offer $4.00 Grab Bags or Boxes
  • You Cannot Look Inside of them (you can kind of see through bags, or peek on sides of boxes though)
  • Items Vary Depending on that Store
  • They May or May Not Limit You
  • Bags or Boxes Found In Store on shelves or in wire bins
  • Once They are Gone, They are Gone

Holy Cow !! My kids got so lucky!! My husband brought home 4 boxes totaling $16. Inside there was over 72 items (I think I didn’t count them all) and I added it up to be a value of over $472… its worth more since 37 items had no price tags and I’m thinking some of these prices are mark downs too.

Let us know if you grabbed any Grab Bags today and what you got. I’m happy for my kids but bummed out I didn’t get any crafty things!!

While you are there, be sure to grab these coupons offers here to bring with you in case you shop around!

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