Tops Markets Monopoly Game 2021

Tops Markets Monopoly Game is Back! Win Prizes and More!

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Tops Markets Monopoly Game 2021
Monopoly is back at Tops Markets!

There are tickets you get in store for shopping and purchasing qualifying items. The Promotion March 7, 2021 through May 29, 2021 (12 weeks), or when all game tickets have been distributed.

If you have never played Monopoly at Tops then read below where we explain to you what all happens and goes along with playing the game at Tops. Game ends May 29, 2021, or WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. The last day to play an online code is June 19th. Registered players can access their online code history until June 30th.

***NEW*** Download the NEW Tops Rip It & Win It app to quickly scan your codes. Every code enters you for a chance to win $500, and there is a NEW winner every week!

Tops Markets Monopoly Rip & Win 2021

Monopoly Rip It & Win It is back. There will be NO GAME BOARD. This year rip your ticket open and you could win huge prizes instantly! Open the game ticket. Inside, find an Online Game code, a coupon good for cents off a product in our stores, or a coupon good for an instant winner/free product. It’s that easy!

Tops Markets Monopoly Game Instant Win Prizes 2021


Some instant win prizes include: Free product coupons, instant cast prizes, extra tickets, gas points, and more. See full list of prizes here. 

InstantWin FREE

Instant Win Prizes include:

  • $10,000 Food & Fuel Stimulus  (40)
  • Free 3 month XBox Game Pass Gift Card (ARV $44.99) (190)
  • $25 Gift Cards (“Happy Dining”, SpaFinder, Sony PlayStation, Applebee’s, Cabela’s, Chili’s, Outback, Panera and Barnes & Noble)  (225)
  • $5 Tops Grocery/ Gas Gift Cards (5,000)
  • $10 Tops Grocery/ Gas Gift Cards (1,000)
  • Free $2.00 Redbox Movie Rental (95,000)
  • 50 Tops GasPoints (200,000)
  • 100 Tops GasPoints (100,000)
  • Two (2) Free MONOPOLY Game Tickets (777,295)
  • Free In-store Product Coupons (115)

2nd Chance Sweepstakes Entry Form Image


Take a second chance at winning! In addition to the in-store and online game, you can enter the 2nd Chance Sweeps for your chance to WIN A $20,000 Food and Fuel Stimulus (payable as $20,000 in Tops Grocery/Gas Gift Cards).

Look for a 2nd Chance Sweeps form inside thousands of game tickets, fill it out and send it in. Every entry is another chance to win, so make sure you’re opening your tickets and sending in every 2nd Chance Sweeps form you get!

Second Chance Sweepstakes entry forms should be mailed to the following address:
P.O. Box 441048
Kennesaw, GA 30160

You can include as many entry forms as you like in a single envelope. Just be sure to affix adequate postage. Must be postmarked no sooner than March 7, 2021 and no later than June 19, 2021 to be eligible. Drawings will be conducted on or about June 30, 2021 from among all Eligible Second Chance Sweepstakes entries. Entries must be received by June 26, 2021 to be eligible for the June 30, 2021 drawing. 



The Tops MONOPOLY Online Game is back with an array of amazing prizes!

Look for online codes inside thousands of Tops MONOPOLY instant win game tickets and you could win 1 of the prizes below.


Download the NEW Tops Rip It & Win It app to quickly scan your codes. Every code enters you for a chance to win $500, and there is a NEW winner every week.

Enter your codes here.

Prizes include: 

  • $10,000 Food & Fuel Stimulus
  • $5 Tops Bonus Bucks eCoupon
  • $2 Tops Bonus Bucks eCoupon
  • $1 Tops Bonus Bucks eCoupon
  • Free In-store Product
  • $500 Gift Cards (Online Weekly Bonus Sweepstakes)
  • Plus, there are discount offers of $10 off your first Instacart order from a participating Tops Store, $5 off your first Instacart order from a participating Tops Store, Tops $5, $2, and $1 Bonus Bucks eCoupons.

Lucky Tokens Tops Monpoly Game 2019


These are back again. Find and save Lucky Tokens inside thousands of game tickets! Every week during the Tops MONOPOLY program, check the front page of the Tops weekly ad to see if 1 of your Lucky Tokens matches that week’s featured deal. If you have a matching token, redeem it at checkout to UNLOCK THAT WEEK’S EXTRA SAVINGS! There’s a new amazing deal every week! NEW: Also, by entering codes online you may unlock a Mr. Monopoly Magic Token, which can unlock this week’s deal – or any future deal of your choice!  View yours here. 

They also offer Tops Store E-Coupons. I will be updating as much as I can with new Tops Coupons offered from the Online Game Codes
Page here. (they may have gotten rid of, but will be updating if we find out).

Tops Monopoly Game 2021

How to Get Game Tickets:

Receive one game ticket:
• with each purchase transaction
• for each participating vendor product purchased (labeled in stores in ad)
• one game ticket for your Pharmacy purchase
• one game ticket for your Carry Out Café purchase
• one game ticket for your Floral purchase
The number you should get will be shown at the bottom of your receipts.

How do I enter the Online Game?

Go to and click the Online Game button, or download the NEW app! Or you can just go HERE. Sign in/Sign up before entering any codes. After the codes are entered, you will be notified if any codes entered are a winner or not. If the code is a winner, you will be provided with instructions on how to claim your prize and will also receive an email from the game administrator. To be eligible to win, your original Game Ticket must be affixed to the Online Prize Winner form with Game Ticket complete and Online Code clearly visible.

IF NOT WORKING CONTACT: The Consumer Affairs Department can assist; they can be reached by calling 1-800-522-2522, Option 3 Mon-Fri 8 AM thru 8 PM and Sat & Sun from 9 AM thru 3PM.

What do I do When I Win?

Follow the instructions on the coupon/prize.

Second Chance Tickets

Eligible Entrants who receive an Official “Second Chance Sweepstakes” entry form may enter the Second Chance Sweepstakes by completing and mailing one of the official “Second Chance Sweepstakes” entry forms to: TOPS 2ND CHANCE SWEEPSTAKES
P.O. Box 441048 Kennesaw, GA 30160
. Entries into the “Second Chance Sweepstakes” must be postmarked by June 26, 2021 to be eligible for the June 30, 2021 drawing. There is no limit to the number of “Second Chance Sweepstakes” entries an Eligible Entrant may mail in a single envelope (envelope must be no larger than a #10 standard business size envelope of 4-1/8” x 9-1/2” and sufficient postage must be provided), but only official “Second Chance Sweepstakes” entry forms found in select Game Tickets may be submitted. Entries must be legible and on the original Official Entry Form, no photocopies or reproductions of any kind, to be considered an Eligible Entrant.

All FAQS on the Tops Monopoly Game

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  1. Elizabeth Temple

    Does anyone know if the lucky tokens are used more than one week throughout the promotion? For example lets say the HAT will get me mustard for .29. But I hate mustard. Should I save the HAT tokens in the hopes another product discount will come up for the HAT later on?


  2. carole Golebiewski

    Dear sir: I would like to know how you can get into the codes for your game , I have tried for several days and still get get in ; it is impossible , they wont let me in, please send me an answer!!!!!


    1. Kristy

      You would need to contact Tops directly to find out what the problem is…


  3. lenny g

    stop playing this stupid game and give the workers there pension money they earn


  4. Trish

    I have 401A. Does anyone have 405E and we can split the prize?


  5. ryan reynoly

    i cant play,, it is not letting me





    1. Kristy

      that’s a good idea!!


  7. Dan

    So basically with 2 rare pieces each, the largest prizes are simply impossible to win. For example, the $250,000 home with only 1 of each of the rare pieces makes your getting each piece a 1 in 17.5 million chance per ticket. This makes the odds you or ANY one person winning the home a 17.5 million TIMES 17.5 million chance or a 1 in 306,250,000,000,000 chance. HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahah – yeah, sure, that’s gonna happen. You have better odds of hitting 2 consecutive Powerball jackpots…. on one play each time. Yup, a 1 in 306 TRILLION chance. My money says they have not even purchased and / or built the home at those odds.
    To have 2 rare pieces for prizes is simply a “No one actually wins this, we’ll just have it on the game board for drooling purposes” sham. Tops has lost all credibility w/ me as far as a corporate entity. They care to disprove the theory? Show us ANY large prize winners in the last 2 years. I don’t even have to go check, there aren’t any.


  8. grace



    1. Kristy

      Make sure you don’t have caps lock or any of those keys that lock anything…other than that you may have to try a different browser?


  9. catherine L. Traver

    Why do make this so diffacult. Also the store we shop at always runs out of tickets amonth befor the contest is over and that is not right for those of us who are playing the game.



    for as much as me and my family and friends all working together to try an win anything sucks why I have 1o sisters and brothers and all our friends working on one board and when we shopped and had two free tickets I wouldn’t leave the store with less than 50 tickets and we never won one thing on the board not even 5$ so tell me again how fake and fixed to only there family wins ill never play a game with them again and neither should you its only to suck us in with a promise of some kind of win we are so over it its the same bull as last year and with all of us working together to try and win something and never win anything we are done with there bull and when it comes time forthis aagain every ticket that we get from the store will not be opened but trown away unopened and I hope that everyone else does the same thing please if you read this we had over 150 people working on one board so what does that tell you about topps games play the lottery you have a better chance of winning and a better chance of meeting GOD AND IF ANYONE FOR TOPPS WISHES TO HAVE ANY REMARKS TO ME ON WHAT I WROTE WHICH IS ALL TRUTH YOU CAN ONLY REACH ME BY MAIL OR PHONE


  11. Kristy

    I hope everyone is going here – to enter their codes from the game


    1. mary jane

      free shutterfly reusable shopping bag…… how and where do I enter that code??


      1. mary jane sallome

        where and how to get shutterfly bag ??


        1. Kristy

          That is an offer you can get if you get one of the monopoly tickets from in the store and it has the code in them.


        2. Alice Chapell

          How do I get the shutterfly reusable bag????


      2. Linda Brown

        can’t access the page on shutterfly’s website. either you get the shutterfly’s page selling photos and they do mention tops but while clicking on it, it just sends you to tops website to enter more codes. I have two tickets one for a reusable shopping bag and one for a 5×8 notebook. Frustrating!!!


        1. Kristy

          When you get to the shutterfly website, you should be able to create your items then when you check out use the coupon codes given for the shutterfly items from Tops. If there are technical difficulties with the shutterfly site I would wait a day or two and check back as that is something on their end.


    2. J ferguson

      Can’t get into the game to enter my codes have tried several times. Will shop elsewhere. The


  12. Donald Jones

    Ads block putting in codes. Frustrating !!!


  13. Lorraine Cellini

    cannot get into game after repeated attempts


    1. Joann

      I have tried for 45minutes to enter the online game. Guess this is a big farce.


  14. Irene Wehan

    This game is a scam. Thank God I don’t go to Tops to shop too often because this happens all the time. I get the lines to put in the codes but it does not take my numbers. Get with it and give us consumers a break. I always liked Tops but your prices are ridiculous. Go to the new Erie county farms and compare your vegetables. I supplied big time today, less thanhalf price. Can’t see Tops staying open too long


  15. J Farr

    Every time I click in the box to enter a code it takes me to another page. It is literally impossible to do, makes me wonder if this is just a scam


    1. Kristy

      are you using your phone or desktop computer?


  16. janet

    I have tried everything to get to where I can enter my codes..well tops has made it so you can’t do it without and account..this game stinks if you have to go through all this frustration just to do it..I have always enjoyed the game …not now


  17. Linsey

    For some reason I have tried to create. A account and it’s not working so that I can check my codes someone plzzzzz help


    1. Kristy

      I always sign in using my card number and last name. Do you see that option when you sign in?


  18. Dan Frost

    I’ve Been Saving My 2nd. Chance Tickets in an Envelope. When Should I Mail Them In?


    1. Kristy

      I tried looking on their website but didn’t notice a send in by date. I’d be sure to send them in before the game ends!


  19. leona price

    can I see a copy of the monopoly game board on line


    1. Kristy

      I’m not sure if they have a copy of the board online?


  20. jay

    where do you get a TOPS MONOPOLY Collect & Win game board?


    1. Kristy

      Jay, you can find the boards in your Tops Markets store. You can ask a cashier about it, or the customer service desk.


  21. leroyoneal

    play monopoly


    1. Ruth Stevens

      I want to check the codes I received when I shopped yesterday.


      1. Kristy

        Hi Ruth, make sure you go to this page here – – to enter your codes in the boxes provided ont he Tops website.


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