Try Epic! Kids Digital Library FREE For 30 Days!

Try Epic! Kids Digital Library FREE for 30 days!

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I forgot all about how I wanted to give Epic! a try. So Epic! has a digital library that includes many of the best kids books, popular ebooks, and videos such as Fancy Nancy, Big Nate, Warriors, and National Geographic Kids. This is a great addition to your homeschool home, or even for kids of any ages. This program is great because you can use it on your kiddos tablets or computers.

Some Key Features:

  • Follow-along word Highlighting to help kids improve their reading skills
  • Audiobooks and Read-to-Me books available
  • Over 25,000 high-quality illustrated books and chapter books for children ages 12 and under
  • Educational videos including videos by Smithsonian, Blue Wonders, Animal Wonders, and Encyclopedia Britannica! DIY, cooking, culture, science, and so many more topics.
  • Virtual library perfectly tailored to your child’s reading level and interests

I spotted some fun books about the moon, space and the great beyond! Get access to 35,000 kids books–Plus get 30 days of FREE reading!

Sign up now and read FREE for 30 days!

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