Walmarts Kids Backpacks

Walmart Backpacks as low as $2.97

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Walmarts Kids Backpacks

Walmart is the place to go if you don’t have kids wanting certain brand name backpacks. You can find kids small backpacks as low as $2.97! Wow! Here are some of the different styles and prices I found available at my local store. You can also check online as well here. 

Walmart Wonder Nations Backpacks $2 97

Here are the Wonder Nation kids backpacks for $2.97. These are a bit smaller then the average backpack.

Walmarts Lion King Backpacks

They have character backpacks for $16.97 including the Lion King! These are 5 piece sets and many to choose from. You can find these ones online here, too.

Walmart Wonder Nation Character Backpacks $9 97

They also have a nice range of popular items like Mario Brothers and Batman for these Wonder Nation backpacks only $9.97. You can also find these ones online here.

Walmart Backpacks $16 92

They also have pattern style backpacks as low as $16.97. You can also find these ones online here.

Walmarts Backpacks

Walmart is the place to shop for kids backpacks for both fair prices and style. Head over here to shop online and see what they have to offer as well. Let us know if you grab one!

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