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What NOT to Say to a Homeschool Mom

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For our family homeschooling was a choice that was not taken lightly. This was not something we started out with or thought we could even do. I will admit thought when out children were babies we often discussed how much homeschooling sounded like a good idea. My husband especially liked the idea, but I was hesitant and unsure it was something I could do. After all, we didn’t know anyone who homeschooled. Choosing to homeschool was a choice made for us by our oldest. We have found that it was the best decision we have ever made. I have been homeschooling my children going on the third full year now, and I have really grown to love it.

Over the years we have run into a few people who seem to come off as having some biased feelings towards homeschooling. For whatever the reasons they may be, not everyone comes off warm welcoming to us as a homeschool family. I wanted to share some tips for those who may know homeschoolers so that they can prepare themselves not to say some of these things that may come off as offending.

What Not To Say To A Homeschool Mom

What NOT to Say to a Homeschool Mom

If there’s one thing that irks us is when you give off the impression that we are not qualified to homeschool our own children. Excuse me but to be honest my kids knew how to spell their names, count, add and much more before they were ever four years old. Maybe we were destined to be a homeschool family from the start. Either the case you should try to stay clear of anything along the lines of…

“I know some homeschoolers, but they were teachers…”

“What makes you qualified to be a teacher?”

“Don’t you worry about socialization?”

“I hope you have them in tons of extra activities with other kids…”

“How can you stand to be around your kids that much?”

“You choose to do this?”

“What are they learning about right now?”

“Are they on grade level?”

“I could never do that.”

“Are you really going to homeschool all the way through high school?”

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Of course I should mention that we don’t mind answering any serious questions you may have about homeschooling. We realize it’s uncharted territory for many of you. I know it was for us when we first started out as well. Just be sure that you are aware of your tone and the way you are asking questions. We tend to get on the defense if you come off in a way that makes us feel like you are judging us. So try to make sure that are not saying these popular things mentioned in this manor.

Do you homeschool? Do any of these things upset you when people say them to you? Do you have any I didn’t list? Let us know in the comments below.

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