Thanks For Shopping At Tops Markets Cash Registers

Secrets to Shopping at Tops Markets Grocery Store You May Not Know About

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Thanks For Shopping At Tops Markets Cash Registers

If you are a New Yorker you may be familiar with the grocery store Tops Markets. Many may have the preconceived notion that it’s over priced and not worth the time to shop there. As a couponer whose mother shopped there almost exclusively for our groceries growing up, I can tell you other wise. There are many ways you can save money at Tops Markets. Here I will share with you my Secrets to Shopping at Tops Markets Grocery Store You May Not Know About.

Tops Markets Discounted Meat

Discounts on Meat

You can often find many sales each week on different meats at Tops Markets. In addition to those sale you may even find some clearnaces. They will have yellow stickers on them. Just be sure to check those dates! Typically, they mark down meat that is expiring soon to get them sold. You may want to talk to your local store and see if there is a certain day of the week they mark their meat down.


Max Coffee At Tops Markets

Clearanced Items

This has to be one of my favorite ways to save at Tops Markets. I mean, it’s so easy! I’m always looking for these specially marked items for big discounts. You can find these items on shelves, or possibly in carts near the back or front of the store. These change and can vary by store, but in my experience you should see similar items at most stores at one point or another.

Chi Chi's New Fiesta Style Salsa At Tops Markets

Coupons in Store

I almost feel like not mentioning this…but really you have to keep your eyes peeled you guys! A very simple way to save while shopping is being away of any coupons manufacturers have put out on their products in the store. We see a lot of these in Tops.

Tops Markets Free Birthday Cake For Child's 1st Birthday


Did someone say cake? Yep. You can totally get a Free cake for your kiddo’s first birthday. Talk about a sweet savings! It’s super simple how to order your free cake. Just head over here where we have the step by step instructions already for you.

Tops Markets Gas Points Use For Gift Cards

Gas Savings

Tops runs special promotions where you can earn points for items you purchase. You can learn all about that program here. Talk about an easy way to save on an expense you use often. I definitely think it’s worth while to shop for things you already need and earn money off towards your gas tank.

Cat's Pride BOGO At Tops Markets With Coupon

Catalina Coupons

Don’t throw those extra papers they give you when you cash out away! Those are coupons!! Sometimes you can get some really great offers you guys. Tops has been known to spit out some FREE product catalina offers too. So always check those when you cash out. You could be missing out big if you are not paying attention. I can’t tell you how many I see tossed away.

Tops Brand Rice

Store Brand

Like most stores, Tops offers a store brand as well. Don’t be scared to try some of their branded items. You can save a fair amount just by grabbing some low priced store brand items.

Bargain Books At Tops Markets

Bargain Books

Many Tops Markets locations have a spot that they call bargain books. Here you will find a wide range of miscellaneous books that are marked down. You can find savings up to 80% off. I’ve even found some educational work books in there as well.

Tops Markets Price Scanner

Price Scanner

Many Tops I’ve shopped in have these price scanners located through out their stores. I find that this is helpful when shopping in case you need to double check a price on something. Be on the look out for this handy tool in your local store!

Regal Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Did you know Tops Markets sells gift cards for various stores? I love being able to pick up gift cards for gifts when I need them during the holidays or even for birthdays. Even better when I can save more when I purchase them. Often times, especially during the holidays, Tops will have special promotions when you purchase gift cards.

Tops Markets Instacart Offers

Shop Online

Tops recently started home grocery delivery. You can shop online for select items and they will deliver the groceries to your home if you live in a a qualifying area. Read more about how Instacart home delivery works here.

IMG 4088

Free Fruit

Be on the look out for these stands while shopping. If you spot one you can take a free piece of fruit for your kiddo! My store offers bananas, oranges and apples.

12 Secrets To Shopping At Tops Markets Grocery Store You May Not Know About

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