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Kristy’s Handmade Creations

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Kristy's Handmade Creations

Hey everyone! Kristy here from My Momma Taught Me. Back at the end of October 2019 I got inspired to finally try my hand at painting on wood and creating some wood signs. Growing up I would go to craft shows with my mother and grandmother where they both would tell me I could paint this and that and how I totally should. I’m happy that my husband encouraged me to spend my time and money to invest in trying my creations. I’m grateful and thrilled to be able to share my art work with others.

Kristy's Work Area

So Kristy’s Handmade Creations was born. I wasn’t sure where I would be going with this so I wanted to leave the name open to possibilities. Above you can see my super tiny work area that I took over our homeschool room and desks.

Kristy's HM Creations Sunflower Art Wood Sign

One of my favorite creations are my sunflowers. I just love painting them!


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Previous Custom Orders Created

If you are looking to get something custom made by me please send me an email or message me on my Facebook Page so we can discuss and sketch up some ideas for you!