USPS priority boxes free delivered to your home

How to Get Mailing Supplies Shipped to your Home for FREE!

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USPS priority boxes free delivered to your home

Do you own a small business or work from home mailing out items yourself? Last year I started my own business creating art on wood signs and canvas art at Kristy’s Handmade Creations. I find myself shipping out a lot of items and my darling husband was told by a wonderful mail person at our local post office that they offer free shipping supplies online! So we went and checked it out and sure enough they offer a wide range of items for FREE and the best part is they will even deliver them to your home!! Mailing Supplies Shipped to your Home for FREE is amazing!

USPS boxes

If you want to order your free shipping items, head on over here to check out all the items the USPS offers. It does take a little while to ship to you, and ours came at different times. These are priority mail items like boxes, labels, and invoices.

This was super helpful for me to have these boxes delivered to my home at no cost at all to me. You can also pick these up at your local post office, but if you are shipping out more then a couple this is definitely the route you want to take!

How To Get Mailing Supplies Shipped To Your Home For FREE

Let us know if you have taken advantage of this service before or if it’s new to you!

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