Kristy Shopping Digital Coupons

How to Use Digital Coupons

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Kristy Shopping Digital Coupons

Now a days digital coupons are where it’s at to save. It’s becoming more popular with manufacturers in my opinion a way to combat all the coupon fraud. I love the digital coupons, but I dislike the limit of one. The best part though about digital coupons is that everyone can use them! So it’s important to know How to Use Digital Coupons.

Wegmans Free Digital Coupons

Find Out if Your Stores Offer Digital Coupons

First thing you want to do is check your local stores websites or apps. You will want to look for coupons. If they offer digital coupons they will have it listed as such on their sites. The stores in my area that offer digital coupons are:

How To Find Digital Coupons For Tops Markets

Sign Up for Account

Next up if you find your store offers digital coupons is to sign up for an account. If you have already an account with this store this process may be easier. This process allows you to create a profile so you can link the digital coupons to your account. That way when you shop it will know who you are. This may be linking your shoppers loyalty card or possibly just a phone number. This may vary depending on store.

Load Coupons

Once you have your account set up you are ready to load those coupons to your account! All you have to do is click on the coupons to add them. Some usually have a check mark. If your store allows stacking of coupons there may be a difference in the digital coupons as well. They may have separated them into manufacturers coupons and store coupons. If there is a store digital coupon offer you may be able to stack that offer with a manufacturers coupon for additional savings.

BJ's Wholesale Club digital coupons

Redeem Coupons in Store

Last thing to do is to redeem those digital coupons! All you have to do is shop and purchase the corresponding items. Then at checkout, depending on the store you can either scan your loyalty card or enter your phone number to see the digital coupon savings. Just be sure to double check that they come off. Sometimes, with any coupons, they may not come off.

Learn How To Use Digital Coupons

How to Use Digital Coupons:

  1. Sign Up for an Account
  2. Load Coupons to your account
  3. Shop in Store
  4. At Register Scan Loyalty Card or Enter Phone Number
  5. Double Check that the coupons came off

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  1. whatsapp wasplus

    I also don’t like the coupon limit. it’s up to be kept priority for everyone


  2. Dazz Deals

    Thank you for a great article. Really this article helped me a lot. I think you can also earn a lot of other discount codes at sites out there.


  3. DazzDeals

    Thank you for a great article. Really this article helped me a lot. I think you can also earn a lot of other discount codes at sites out there.


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    YA, something else for US elder people to get confused about! DIGITAL have to find out how to GET THEM!


  5. Wayne Bryant

    I need help, I signed up last week with my grandson’s help, I buy groceries every week at Kroger, Russell, Kentucky, he’s not available this week, I’m 80 years old. My phone number is I need to load my Kroger plus card so I can shop in the morning


    1. Kristy

      Sorry to hear. You should contact your store for further help if you are having issues maybe they can help you.


  6. Wayne Bryant

    I signed up last week, my phone number , I need to load my card, I’m 80 years old, I need help, I buy lots of groceries every week, last year my grandson helped me, he’s not availiable this week


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