DIY Frugal Bird Bath

DIY Frugal Bird Bath

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DIY Bird Bath

I finally did it! I have wanted bird baths in my yard for as long as I can remember, but I did not want to spend a ton on them. A couple years ago I bought one from my local grocery store…only to have it break! Total bummer and discouraging. So once again this year I wanted a bird bath and started looking online for frugal options and had a hard time finding any. So I decided I was gonna make one out of flower pots like I’ve seen before somewhere on the internet.

DIY Bird Bath with Flower Pots

Super easy and frugal beyond a doubt you guys. I went to my local Lowes (you could probably find these cheap at numerous stores) and found the solid color cheap plastic flower pots and bottoms. The smaller ones were under $2.00 each and the larger ones were under $3.00 each. So I grabbed two of the larger black flower pots and bottoms and the same with the smaller green ones.

DIY Bird Bath gluing

I used what glue I had on had and it was Gorilla Glue. I followed the directions to apply and added glue to the bottom of the flower posts and attached the bottoms (not sure what they are called) upside down to them to form a bowl.

DIY Bird Baths

I then sat them on the ground and added a rock to the top for pressure to help the glue adhere. The next day I was able to fill the tops with water. Easy DIY Bird Bath! Love it! I have four sitting out in my garden out front. You could add some small rocks for some weight to help if you find there is an issue with them staying upward. Over all I think four mini bird baths for under $15 was a great deal! What do you think?

DIY Frugal Bird Bath


  1. Donna Conkin

    Doesn’t the water need changing every day?


  2. Michelle Frencham

    Is there a way that you can think of to elevate them? Strange question but I have babies next store on a vacant land and because I have dogs, the birds won’t come that close. Unless I can find some way to put it in a tree. Or just Elevate it! I keep trying to think, wire? String?. I’m stuck!


  3. Luella Watkins-Lopez

    Great idea! Going to have to go to Lowe’s today. Thank you very much!


    1. Kristy

      Thanks! You’re welcome!


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