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Biggest Tip I Was Given to Help Combat My Anxiety

So it’s no surprise that I (as I’m sure many others) have a slew of issues caused from my anxiety. We all have some bit of anxiety and some more then others. But what happens when the anxious feelings start to take control and leave you obsessing and fixating on how it makes you feel?

I’ll tell you what has happened for me. I started being obsessed with how my anxiety was making me feel. Yes… it can cause physical symptoms. I’m not doctor, professional nor claim to be… so be sure to talk to your doctor first to rule out any possible health issues before declaring these symptoms you may have are just from anxiety (that’s what I did). So my anxiety causes me to, at times, get completely faint and dizzy at times. I also can feel hot, sweaty, tingly, dry mouth, short of breathe, chest pains, muscle aches and more.

Now these physical symptoms I get usually show us when I know I’m anxious. I typically get this way shopping, doctors appointments, family get together, etc. What always bothers me is when I can’t tell why I’m having issues.

That right there is what my problem is. I will focus and obsess over how I’m feeling. Same goes for situations or events that have happened or may. I will focus on then and replay them over and over and over. I’ll tell you right now that’s not healthy and makes things worse.

The biggest tip I was ever given was to not tune into these anxious feelings and thoughts. I’ll tell you this is not easy! Specially if you have become accustomed to fixating on them. Your body gets used to doing this. The more you do it the harder it is to break the cycle. If you are upset about something that happened or may happen the more you think about it the more you’re likely to get worked up and have anxiety issues. Same goes for if you have physical symptoms caused by anxiety. Today out of no where I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Just for a split second and I get this like shock wave feeling come over me (hard to explain) and I instantly panic thinking what’s going on? What’s happening? Am I going to die? Yes… that may sound silly to most but those who suffer from these anxious feelings know at that time you cannot think clearly and rationally and your body and mind panic. That sucks and is so frustrating let alone scary! But since I choose to not tune into those feelings they don’t keep popping up. Sometimes I will get them here and there but compared to the past it’s nothing. I used to focus on how I felt and wait to see if it would happen again and each time it did I’d panic more causing my body so much turmoil really.

I’ll tell you the less you focus on these anxious thoughts and feelings that anxiety gives you the less frequent they will become. From my personal experience, and from taking the advice my this book, I have found this method to work. I have yet to completely rid myself of this, but not tuning in and giving the anxiety power has helped me so much. I’ve gone from major full blown panic attacks down to very minimal occurrences.

It takes hard work and time, but if you can stop tuning in you will start to feel so much better! I promise you!

Timberdoodle Boxed Curriculum

My Favorite Homeschool Elementary Material


Kids Educational Workborks From Amazon

Often I get asked what material we use for our homeschool family. I will say that there are a ton of different ways to homeschool and material to use so find what works well for your family. If you are new to homeschooling then the general time frame they say to get a good grasp on what materials to use would be about 1 – 2 years. You will learn what works for you and your kids and then know what to use from then on out. We are now onto our second year and I’m still learning, but have a few favorites.

For a long time I used the same material our school used from common core on the site. Takes me some time to find things, but they do have some printables for different grades. It’s exactly what they do in school. There’s also a lot of free stuff online, that’s harder to find because it’s usually just sheets here and there or you have to jump through hoops to actually find the free material.

Timberdoodle Boxed Curriculum

First and foremost I love having educational books. My personal favorites are the Evan-Moor books. Last year we purchased a boxed curriculum from Timberdoodle which was great, but now I have learned what I like to use. That may be the way to go if you are new and overwhelmed. It’s an easy way to have everything selected for you and you can see what ones you like. So this year I was picking and choosing my material. The boxed set was night to start off with and gave us a good direction of what we needed. Timberdoodle is great at laying out things for you so you know what to teach and how to pace your work for the year. The only thing is that these boxed sets are a bit pricey.

Evan Moore Books Sale On Zulily

That’s why I decided to shop online this year on Amazon. The Evan-Moor Educational Publishers provides educators with creative and engaging materials to make learning fun. Their products align with scholastic standards and practices to build basic and complex skills. A lot is even aligned with common core standards. I think they go up to grade 5 and have a range of books from geography to math to spelling. I personally liked looking at Amazon Reviews to help me see when others shared image of the insides of the books. That helped me a lot when purchasing material this year. You can find the Evan-Moor books online here.

School Target

I love finding cheap educational items in the stores. My favorites have been the Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Tree. Above is a picture from Target before school started. They had all this and more plus a bunch of flash cards. Most of the items were only $1.00 each!! The same goes for the Dollar Tree.

Free Online Resources:

Paid Online Resources:

You guys there are seriously hundreds of free material out there. You need to GOOGLE and I’m telling you you can find a ton. It all depends on what you are looking for. I’m just sharing my personal favorites so far! There are tons more to look into. When I get a chance I’d love to collect and share with you all. Comment below and let us know what your favorite online resources are!

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New to homeschooling? Check out our how to section that will be growing this year as I share more of my experiences. I’m totally new it feels (we’re going on 3 years) to the homeschooling world still, but I want to share my journey with you! Check out the homeschool section where I share freebies, tips, and deals on many items!

Kristy Hair Curling Wand

Easy to Use and Affordable 5 in 1 Professional Curling Wand and Curling Iron Set

Kristy Hair Curling Wand

You can get this 5 in 1 Professional Curling Wand and Curling Iron Set for just $27.99 right now. Above is an image of how my hair has looked using this image. I wanted to share how well the curl holds up to three days when I use it, but for the life of me cannot find the images that I took a long time ago. Now my hair is short and I can’t use the wand….well I could but I don’t think super short hair with curls I can pull off. I find no need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on hair wands when you can find high heat ones that work just as well in my personal opinion.

About the product

  • 5 IN 1 WAND CURLING IRON – Because a girl’s gotta have choices, the xtava 5 in 1 Satin Wave Hair Wand Set is a 1 set kit that lets you choose your hairstyle for the day. If you’re overwhelmed with the clutter of too many curling irons and hair curlers, this tool, with 5 in 1 interchangeable ceramic tourmaline barrels for maximum styling, will allow you to vary your look with ease. With one tool, you can choose beachy waves or loose curls
  • HAIR CURLING WAND PACK – Designed to maximum surface area, these barrels do not have a cool tip, so you’re able to style every strand of hair. This curling wand set includes 5 detachable barrels: 1x 0.3 – 0.75 inch tapered clipless barrel, 1x 0.7 – 1 inch tapered clipless barrel, 1x 0.7 – 1 inch barrel with clamp, 1x 1 inch barrel with clamp, 1x 1.25 inch barrel with clamp plus a heat Resistant glove. Use large wand curling iron barrels for long hair and thinner for short hair for best results
  • INDIVIDUALIZED, JUST LIKE YOU – Your hair is unique and you need a professional hair iron that can be customized to your exact hair type. An incorrect temperature can cause unnecessary damage to your hair and leave your style lacking. Fine hair is best styled at temps between 250-300 degrees F, normal hair at 300-375, and coarse, thick hair at 410. With our ceramic barrel hair curler and 9 precise temperature settings, you choose the heat that’s right for you and keep your hair protected
  • SMART FEATURES WITH YOU IN MIND – Skip the mid-morning panic wondering if you shut your hair curler off – this curling iron set features a 60 minute auto shut off function so you can have peace of mind even if you’re late (again). With a universal dual voltage of 110 – 240V AC, this hair hair curler will automatically adjust to the proper voltage when used with a compatible adapter so you can style your hair anywhere, from girls’ nights out to that destination wedding across the globe
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON THE 5 IN 1 HAIR CURLING IRON – Refer to standard terms and services for detail

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Drawer Multicolor Storage Cart

Honey-Can-Do Drawer Multicolor Storage Cart for only $42.99 (reg $98.49)

Drawer Multicolor Storage Cart

Right now you can find this Honey-Can-Do Drawer Multicolor Storage Cart for only $42.99 (reg $98.49). Head on over here to grab yours now. These are great for organizing and even for class rooms, homeschool rooms, or crafts! 

  • Ten pull-out drawers, store supplies, tools, materials, etc
  • Smooth rolling casters, easily move Cart where needed
  • Convenient work surface, organize your stuff
  • Ten pull-out drawers

Grab this Offer Now

Prices on Amazon can change, and this is the price reflected at the time I shared the deal. You can sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial ofAmazon Prime. By choosing subscribe and save you will get the order every month (or whatever you choose) and if you have 5 or more subscriptions arriving in a month, you will save an additional 15% off this order instead of the regular 5% offered. Don’t miss out on the Amazon Baby Registry Free Welcome Box(valued at $35).  Check out all our other great deals we share on Amazon here.

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Old Navy 40% Off Sale

Old Navy has 40% off everything online today only!

Old Navy 40% Off Sale

So I’ll be honest and tell you I forgot to share this awesome deal with you over the weekend, but the great news is that they extended their sale!! So Old Navy has 40% off everything online today only! They even have jeans starting at $6.00! Head on over here to check out the items. I grabbed my girls some dresses they needed for this year. What a great sale you guys! Use code FREESHIP to get free shipping on orders over $25!


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Today Only Score Bic Silky Touch Razors for FREE at Target (so easy!)

20190317 110842

Now through 3-23-19, Target is hosting a 14 Days of Beauty Deals! Great news this is both in-store and online. Each day, while supplies last, a new offer will be available that will save you big savings on beauty or personal care products!

Today only they are offering 50% off all BIC disposable razors! Even better, they are also offering a FREE $5.00 Target Gift Card when you spend $20 or more on personal care items! If you’re shopping in store you need to scan the coupon in the Target app or in the weekly ad and if shopping online your gift card is automatically added at checkout.

Target (March 18th ONLY)

Bic Silky Touch Razors, 10- pk – $2.00
Use $2.00/1 BIC Silky Touch Razors Coupon on the Target Cartwheel App or here
Final Cost – FREE!

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