breakfast pie ingredients recipe

Easy to make Breakfast Sausage Hash Brown Pie

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breakfast pie ingredients recipe

To be honest I don’t have names for foods I make. Often times it’s me just tossing together some things that sound good. Also, I never measure or write my creations down. I always make them different. I don’t know why… just way I am. So I found a recipe to try and made it my own. I guess I would call this a breakfast sausage hash brown pie. All I know is that both my picky eater daughters absolutely love this dish. I’m gonna share with you how I make it below.

breakfast sausage hashbrown pie

I start off with some packaged hash browns. I’ve made it a couple different ways now. I think I personally like it with more of an equal ratio of hash brown to sausage. Get creative! I go with one bag of hash browns between two pie dishes. You don’t have to use pie dishes, you could totally use a square or rectangular dish as well. I add the hash browns and two tablespoons butter between them and toss in the oven at 350 degrees for about twenty minutes or until they start to crisp a little.

breakfast sausage cooking

While the hash browns are in the oven I cook up the breakfast sausage. You can use one between the two, but we like it with more meat so we have been using two now.

mixing ingredients breakfast sausage hashbrown pie

Once your breakfast sausage is cooked you can then add in the 8 oz sour cream and mix with one egg and cheese and seasonings if you wish. I like to use some garlic, parsley and salt.

breakfast sausage pie

Take your hash browns out and add the sausage mixture to the top and toss back in the over for about 30 minutes. Add additional cheese to top if you’d like.



  • 1 Bag Hash Browns
  • 2 Breakfast Sausages, 16 oz each
  • 1 Egg
  • 8 oz Sour Cream
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • Cheese, as desired
  • Seasoning, as desired

mixing ingredients breakfast sausage hashbrown pie

Hope you like as much as my family does!

EASY To Make Breakfast Sausage Hash Brown Pie

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