Where to Find Coupons

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Where to Find Coupons

Ever wonder where people find all those coupons from? So many times I get asked where are the best places to find coupons. Not everyone knows of all these secret spots on where to find coupons. Well here is a list of the most common places you can find coupons!

Printable Coupons

Tops Best Dollar Doubler Coupons

Please be advised when printing coupons you may be asked to install a coupon printer before you can print any coupons. The coupon printer installation will not harm your computer and you only need install it the one time. Unless of course you get a new hard drive or computer.

Other Places to find Coupons

Coupons are everywhere! I am seeing more and more coupons available! I can’t go into a store without seeing coupons. So keep your eyes out for them!

Where To Find Coupons! List Of Top Places To Find, Gather, And Collect!

Stores themselves

When you are shopping be on the look out for coupons in the stores. The most common types are: Tearpads: coupons on a pad in store that you can tear off, Blinkies: machine hanging in aisles with blinking light (both okay to take without buying item), Peelies: coupons stuck onto the product (not okay to take off product without buying item).

Sunday Coupon Inserts

Sunday Papers

You can find coupons in the most common place know – the Sunday Paper! You can view what is predicted to be out for the year here in the Sunday Coupon Schedule for 2018. We also list the coupons that should come in the inserts here. It’s a good idea is to ask friends, family, and co workers to save their coupons for you even if it is just their left overs!

Store Coupons

Store Sales Fliers

Often you can find coupons in the stores weekly ad fliers. These coupons are typically store coupons. You can also find coupons in Magazines, Inside boxes or the outside products packages, and in gas stations or other small stores.

Sign Up For Coupons On Websites

Manufacturers Websites

Often companies will give out coupons when you sign up for their newsletter. Almost every product has a website you can go to. Sometimes they offer coupons when you sign up. Also check their Facebook pages as well. Everyone has a Facebook page now a days!

Check your favorite store’s website. They may offer electronic coupons you can add to your store loyalty card. They will come off when you purchase those items in store.

Tops Markets Digital Coupon Offers

Digital Coupons

So many stores now offer digital coupons. These are coupons that you can load to your shoppers loyalty cards and they are linked when you cash out and use your store loyalty card. These are typically one time use. Refer to your stores policy when learning how to use them.

Where To Find Coupons

Hope This is Helpful!
Kristy – My Momma Taught Me


  1. Tamara Thornton

    I would love to receive some coupons I said earlier I work at a school and we don’t hardly have any supplies and the coupons will help me out I do cut out coupons from the paper but I need a lot of supplies cuz I work with disability kids and I also would like to receive any free products or free samples thank you


    1. Kristy

      Be sure to check out how to contact companies for coupons! That is a way to get more coupons sometimes – http://mymommataughtme.com/master-list-of-companies-to-contact-for-coupons/


    2. Michelle

      May I please have a master list of companies and the letter to send to them to get the coupons, I have two first time grandchildren coming. The first is due in Feb. 2019 the second in April 2019, so I will be needing all sorts of baby products.
      Thank you for your time and help.


      1. Kristy

        Hi Michelle, you can check out our master list here – http://mymommataughtme.com/master-list-of-companies-to-contact-for-coupons/. Congratulations on the new baby! You should also check out our popular list of free baby samples and more here – http://mymommataughtme.com/tons-of-free-baby-samples-coupons-and-more/.


  2. Tamara Thornton

    I love your products I work at a school and I work with kids with disabilities and we don’t get that many supplies in school so I try to use coupons to help out and I don’t ask the parents to bring anything and I’m the one that goes to the store and purchase things for the kids


  3. Tammy Kennedy

    I love your products can i please get coupons.


  4. Cindy Crispin

    I would love to have coupon mailed to me


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  7. Caroline Jackson

    Hello, I am from Niagara Falls, Canada and my brother lives in Rochester. He has come here and seen my stockpile and he was in amazement. I was told that it is easier in the U.S.A to coupon and I would like to start working on where to find coupons next time I go to visit him and show him exactly how it is done. I am not sure if it’s possible to work on this for the next time I come over there but with a little help from you I hope it’s possible. Thank you


  8. chelsea clarke

    hi kristy i am a family of 3 me and my husband and me and my child we were just woundering who would send us free manufacure coupons please contact me by email .


    1. Kristy

      Hi Chelsea, I have a great post here with some tips and a list of companies you can email in hopes of great coupons!


  9. Cyndi

    I know many libraries (Including Waterloo Library 31 E Williams St Waterloo)will cut out and put coupons out for anyone to take, we get 3 Sunday papers, and sometimes other people will bring in their leftover coupons and leave them for us too. We are unable to save them for individuals because too many people want them but if your stop in you can go through what we have take as many or as little as you need or want. While your cutting your own out feel free to bring in those extras your not going to use and leave them for others! Also there have been programs to learn about couponing or if you ask you can start a group to meet up and do coupon/deal exchanges, there may be lots of people in the area that are also interested that will join in.


    1. Kristy

      Thanks for sharing!


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