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  1. I started to print a set of coupons then realized double-sided printing was on. Killed the printing but then could not re-select those coupons. How does one re-print a set of selected coupons?!?!

  2. I don’t see it anywhere I even looked at the end and it is not listed with the limited reached either

    • Brenda, try refreshing. They show up for me. If you are on your phone you may not be able to see them fully. Also, if you already printed these coupons selected you will not see them clipped as they are at the end saying “already printed”.

  3. Sorry you did not make it explicitly clear that your site’s coupons come from They are not compatible to higher versions of Google Chrome Browser, like mine. Wish you were useable, but you’re not. Will not join social media sites either; however, I am on Google. Isn’t that a social media site? Why discriminate? Depending on your answer/response, may have to unsubscribe from your mailing lists and site. Please respond ASAP.

    • Sorry Cheryl. I’m confused as to what the issue is. This is a website that shares coupons and deals at various store. This page you are on now should be compatible on all browsers. I am on Google as well. You can search for me or use the social icon button on the top right of the home page to click which will take you to my google plus page. Thanks!

    • Hi, these coupons are printable. In order to get them to print you can “clip coupon” by clicking on them. Then you select the print red button at the top of the page. You will need to install the coupons application in order to print them out. You can print out 2 coupons per computer you have. Then you can use those coupons at any local store that accepts coupons.

  4. What time of day do the new coupons get posted. I’m always out of the loop during the day and the best coupons say limit reached by the time I get to them. any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jane, are you referring to coupons here on Most the time coupons available there are random. But new ones definitely come out the first of the months. They will disappear when they reach their quota allowed. Some coupons go quicker than others. Random mostly.

    • You can’t, I think if you press the CTRL and – button it will make your screen smaller and able to view them all. I will ask my coupon savvy hubby more about it. That happens on one of my computers and not the other. So I do that ^ to help.

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