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  1. shawn

    hi there hear my question to all and if anyone want to email me back ,great AT bbb39446@gmail.com
    as u know most if not all stores need a upc. code and or bare code to read the coupons if u do not giving the barcode or upc. code to ur friend for that coupons it WILL NOT WORK.. STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THIS AS MUST HAVE BARCODE AND UPC. CODE ON IT SOO WITH OUT IT this wont work…. keep this in mind when u trying to upload the coupons to family and friends ok.. if u find a deal family dollar stores and will do the sale and a coupons with it .. great for laudry soap and bleach cvs has a great deal on milk… 2.99 on certain weeks . check add paper. martins potato bread company can send u coupons to ur home there the best bread ever ..
    but hear is my problem why cant anyone who find a coupons with a bare code and a upc. code on hear just put it on the web sight what the big deal why is so hard to cut and past this to youtube and lady there are lots of guys who have kids who use coupons for milk , eggs , cheese , and cereal ,oatmeal these are more important them eyeliner or anything els..


    1. Kristy

      Hi Shawn….from what I gather you are asking why coupons cannot be shared digitally? Companies only put out so many coupons for their items and once they are claimed (printables) they are no longer available. You can print coupons, find coupons in your Sunday paper, use digital coupons, or find coupons in store. You cannot copy or share digitally coupons as that is considered fraudulent.


  2. Tammy Kennedy

    I love all your products can i please get coupons


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