Enter Monopoly Game Codes for Tops Markets: Special Store Coupon Offers

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Enter Monopoly Codes Online 2018

The Monopoly Game is back at Tops Markets!
To learn all about the game, head on over here.

There are game pieces you get, and in them have online codes. To enter the online codes you go here. After you enter them you click to see if you have won.

Tops offers e-coupons as well. These coupons are store coupons that can be staked with manufacturers coupons. You can learn about e-coupons more at Tops here.
Read How Digital Coupons Work at Tops.


How to Enter Codes:

  1. Shop at Tops and Earn Monopoly Tickets
  2. Go Here 
  3. Enter Codes from the tickets like shown above in image
  4. Click on “See if you’ve won”
  5. Load the Digital Coupons to your account to save more

Online Codes For Monopoly Game


2nd Chance Tickets For Monopoly Tops Game

ABOVE IS THE WRONG TICKET TO ENTER CODES FROM – these are 2nd chance ones to send in to address listed on ticket

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Enter Monopoly Game Codes for Tops Markets: Special Store Coupon Offers — 25 Comments

  1. I have tried everything under the sun to put my codes in. I have tried to enter where it says to, I have clicked on the here button and got nowhere but put on a store screen or a sweepsteak screen for advertisers. It is impossible I really think it is a scam. How pitiful a multi Million Dollar company taking its customers this way. What a SCAM

  2. Load of bull. Can’t get in to play the online game. Shall go back to Hanafords, they didn’t have this time consuming waste of time silliness

  3. This is the second Monopoly game where I could not enter the game codes. Just like other customers, I consider this Monopoly games a crock!! Useless and waste of precious time every time I shop. I swore I would never play again, but succumbed one more to the same frustration.

  4. This site sucks. I’ve been trying to enter codes and can’t do it. Maybe tops needs to update their site, or put the real one on

    • I’m not sure what store you are trying to enter codes for, but the Tops monopoly mentioned here is not valid. I do know it’s starting up next week and we will have new links to use.

  5. Tops website sucks!!!! It won’t let me log in, even after setting up the account twice. Can’t enter the codes. This is just another gimmick as far as I’m concerned. Good luck with customer service, their no help either. I’m sure I’m a winner, but Tops is a loser!!!

    • Cheryl I would call their 1-800 number. I used to have issues logging in as well. They can get you all set up fast there!

    • Are you going to the Tops Website to enter them? If you cannot get them to enter on their site, I would contact their customer service center.

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