ehhs in cookie sheet pan for homemade egg sandwhiches

How I Make and Prep My Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

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Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

I’m not big on meal planning and prepping because I’ve always been a “wing it” kind of gal every since having kids. That’s the best way to roll with day to day activities and things not going as planned. But, as my kids get older I’m finding I have more time to prep and plan things, and honestly the need to. I now have two work from home jobs and I homeschool my girls. I’m trying to find ways to prep when I can to make things a bit easier on my end. I also love to make everything homemade if I can.

Prepping your own breakfast sandwiches from home will not only save you time, but money as well!! 

I decided to make some egg sandwiches to freeze. I’m making the biscuits, cooking the eggs, and then add cheese and either bacon or sausage and then I stack them and wrap them up to go in freezer.

Ingrediants For The Homemade Biscuits

First I make the biscuits. You can use any you wish. For me I found a really great recipe and it’s important to read her tips on them as well. Here it the recipe for homemade biscuits that I use and love. After I’m done making the biscuits I start to prep and cook everything else.

As my eggs and biscuits are cooking I then choose additional toppings to go with my sandwiches. We like sausage or bacon. So if I need to cook something I do it now.

Eggs In Deep Cookie Pan Sheet

I scramble up some eggs (how many you use will depend on your pan and how you like them) and add my seasoning. I used 7 eggs here. I put the eggs in deep cookie pan I have and then bake for short time in the oven at 350 degrees. When I take mine out I sometimes like to add the cheese right then so it melts on to the eggs. Once they are baked I will then cut into squares for my sandwiches. Basically cut like a grid using my pizza cutter for ease. Sizes vary depending on how big you want your sandwiches to be.

Breakfast Sandwhiches Homemade

After everything is cooked and cooled down I start to put the sandwiches all together. I typically wrap them in wax paper and then bag them in snack size sandwich bags I got from Walmart. Then I keep a couple out for the next morning and the rest I put in the freezer for another date. Everyone in my family loves these so much they typically don’t last longer then a week when I make one batch.

How I Make And Prep Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

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  1. Sandy

    Thanks so much for showing us how you do this. They look yummy! And they are so much cheaper than buying them at McDonald’s.


    1. Kristy

      You’re welcome! Yes! That’s a good point I should add, thanks!!


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