Oil Diffuser Homemade Necklace

How to Make Oil Diffuser Necklace for Kids

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How to Create a Kids oil Diffuser

Recently, I was able to try out a diffuser necklace. I have had my oils for about a year now. I haven’t used them much since I got them. I thought it was time to try using them more. I found that using the diffuser necklace was beneficiary to me with my anxiety. So, I decided to try one with my 7 year old, since she has a lot of anxiety too. I’ve had my eye on a certain one for months now. Unfortunately it’s been out of stock. So I decided to give Amazon a look. I found this pack of 10 diffuser lockets for about $7.00! I figured I could easily find chains in our jewelry boxes to use. The metals didn’t match up good, so I went looking for some colored threads from our crafts. For Christmas my oldest got one of those necklace or bracelet making kits with beads and such. That was the perfect match for us!

Diffuser Homemade Necklace

I was pleasantly surprised how well I liked the lockets I got fromĀ Amazon. I have looked in craft stores as well and found they can get pretty pricey for different items to make necklaces, plus I never saw any of these lockets specifically for the diffusing.


First I determined the length we wanted the necklaces to be. I cut the threads to our desired length. I had my girls pick out a couple beads that they wanted to go on their necklaces. After that I used the bead threader that came with the kit to get the beads on the thread. Make sure you add the locket first, then you can thread the beads through both ends or you could thread them on each side – it’s up to you!

heart diffuser pendant

Luckily, the kit we had had some end hooks for necklaces. I’m sure you can find these at craft stores or online! My girls love their necklaces. I hope they are helpful for us in using our oils. I also purchased the pads you put the oils on Amazon for cheap as well.

How To Make Oil Diffuser For Kids

Check out the oils you can get on Amazon!

Oil Diffuser Homemade Necklace

Diffuser Homemade Necklace On Kid

My kiddos loved them! I hope yours do too! Let us know in the comments below if you create some with your kids or maybe even for yourself too!


  1. Ena

    Hello there, I was wondering if you could share which essence do you use for anxiety specially for kids, I have tried lemon, and peppermint but my daughter, six years old don’t like that. Can you give me some suggestions?

    Many Thanks! Ena


    1. Kristy

      Hi Ena! We like using lavender best, and sometimes some lemon with that. The lavender doesn’t have as strong of a scent as the peppermint. You could also try diluting them with carrier oil before applying to the necklace so there is not as potent of a smell.


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