Tops Markets Gas Points For Gas Gift Cards

NEW Tops Gas Points Earn You Gas Gift Cards! 

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Tops Markets Gas Points For Gas Gift Cards

So I’ve been slacking on getting this information up and out to everyone. I was informed of this new promotional offer quite awhile ago, but unfortunately I have not been shopping much at Tops Markets until this year. So I was sure to gather all the information needed to share with  you all this great new offer Tops has! So exciting! Tops Markets now is offering you to earn Gas Points and turn them into Gas Gift Cards to use at participating gas stations! This offer may only be available to the stores that do not have gas stations. My local store does not have one so you will want to check that out. If your Tops has a gas station you should be able to earn and redeem like usual.

NEW Tops Gas Points Earn You Gas Gift Cards!

So it’s similar to earning regular gas points. All you have to do is shop and earn the points. Then you can redeem Gas Points at any full-service checkout register at your local TOPS for on any $25 or $50 gift cards from BP, Gulf, Shell, Irving, Exon, Mobil, Speedway… this may all depend on your location.

  • Earn 1 GasPoint for every dollar you spend on groceries.
  • Earn 10 GasPoints for every manufacturer coupon you redeem at TOPS.
  • Check the TOPS weekly ad for even more ways to earn hundreds of extra Gas Points.

Tops Markets Gas Points Use For Gift Cards

How It Works:

  • Earn Gas Points shopping at Tops Markets
  • Grab Gas Gift Cards at Check out
  • Inform Cashier that you would like to redeem Gas Points on Gift Card
  • Cashier Loads your Points to Dollars to Gas Card
  • Use Gas Gift Card at Participating Gas Stations

Gas Gift Cards From Earning Gas Points At Tops Markets

My local Tops had the gift cards right up by the registers! So it appears that you must buy the $25 or $50 value gift cards and there is none available to add certain value amounts. So in order to get a free gas gift card you would need to redeem 1,000 gas points. Otherwise it seems like the value will just be taken off the gift card. So for example: If you have 400 gas points and want to redeem them you will need to buy a $25 gift card and be credited the $10 in points making the gift card only $15 to buy. At least this is what I am gathering from the information I have been given. If anyone finds or knows of gift cards at their store that do not have a set price, please let me know!

Gas Points to Gift Cards Value

  • Redeem 100 GasPoints for $2.50 off (according to online, but the flier I got says 200, so not sure about this)
  • Redeem 200 GasPoints for $5.00 off
  • Redeem 300 GasPoints for $7.50 off
  • Redeem 400 GasPoints for $10.00 off
  • Redeem 500 GasPoints for $12.50 off
  • Redeem 1,000 GasPoints for $25.00 off

Participating stores to purchase gas gift cards using points are located in the image above.

      Learning About Tops Gas Points How They Work, How To Use Them And More!

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