Everything YOU Need to Know to Shop at Tops Friendly Markets Grocery Store!

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Everything YOU Need to Know to Shop at Tops Friendly Markets Grocery Store!

  • Link to Tops Website Here
  • Tops Coupon Policy found Here
  • Tops E – Bonus Saver Coupons found Here
    (from my understanding these can be combined with manufacturers coupons)
  • Click – to – card coupons found Here
    (from my understanding these are manufacturers coupons that cannot be combined with other manufacturers coupons)
  • Read More About Tops Coupons Here
  • Link to Tops Phone App Here
  • Telling the Difference: Tops E-Bonus Saver Coupons Vs. Tops Click-to-Card Coupons Here

Shopping at Tops can be very rewarding! Tops is by far my favorite Grocery Store to shop at. They have so many ways you can save! I hope I can cover all there is when it comes to shopping at Tops. If you ever have any questions, please let me know and I would be happy to help! 🙂

In order to get the sale prices and promotions offered at Tops, you will need to have one of their store loyalty cards.

How Do You Get a TOPS Bonus Plus Card?

If you are not currently a TOPS Bonus Plus member, applications are available at the Customer Service Center at your local TOPS or you may download an application here. When you sign up for the TOPS Bonus Plus program, you’ll get one wallet card and two key tags. Just attach the key tag to your key chain and use it the same way as a card. When you receive your Bonus Plus, you can begin using it and enjoying the savings immediately. Share your cards with your whole family so they can save, too! Each member of your family is eligible to receive their own TOPS Bonus Plus. The cards will automatically be linked together by your household address for savings purposes.

Doubling Coupons

Tops Markets double the value of manufacturer paper coupons every day (up to the value of $0.99 coupons. $1.00 or higher coupons will not double) when you use your TOPS BonusPlus. For Example: If you have a coupon for $0.75 off it will double to $1.50 off that item! They allow you to use 4 like coupons that double at a time. What this means is if you have 5 coupons that need to double, for example $0.75/1 crackers coupon, you will only have the first 4 coupons double (to $1.50 off). The 5th coupon would scan as face value of $0.75 off. In order to maximize your savings sometimes it is better to split your orders up to make sure all of your coupons will double. There is no limit on other coupons, or amount of coupons you can use in one order.


Catalina Offers

Catalinas are coupon offers that print from those machines next to the registers. You can get Tops Store Coupons from them, Manufacturers Coupons, and even Money off Your Next Order Offers! Read More here about telling the difference between them.

Huggies Diapers Catalina Offer $10 Wyb $30

Here is an example of what a Money off Catalina offer looks like!


Types of Coupons

  • Manufacturer’s Coupons – Coupons that the Manufacturer’s send out for their own products. Every Manufacturer’s coupon has a Redemption Address on it for the store to send the coupon in to get reimbursed for.
  • Store Coupons – Some stores have their own coupons they give out. They will state that they are store coupons. Often these can be combined with Manufacturer’s coupons for Extra Savings! Tops does have Store Coupons that you can stack with manufacturers coupons. You can sometimes find them in the Sunday Papers, in store, printed from the catalina machine, or online.


tops coupons vs manufacturers tops coupons

Here is an example (see picture to right) of a TOPS manufacturers coupon (above catalina coupon) and a TOPS Store Coupon (bottom coupon).

These are two examples of Coupons you can get from Tops. Tops often has catalinas that print out of the machine. The above coupon is an example of one. These are manufacturers coupons that are intended to only be used at Tops. These Cannot be combined with other manufacturers coupons. The bottom coupon is an example of a store coupon. If you get a store coupon, or in ad coupon, these can be used with manufacturers coupons for extra savings if available (this is called stacking).

catalina example

Here is another example of Tops Catalina Coupons. These are all manufacturers coupons that CANNOT be combined with other coupons. Seeing the Tops logo you may think, “oh it’s a store coupon” but upon further reading of the coupon, they are not.

Tops Store Coupon Catalina

Above is an example of a Tops Catalina that is a store coupon!! These seem to be RARE! These coupons are my absolute favorite!! (Even though I never get them!! So lucky to have others share theirs with me! 🙂 yay!) These are great because you can use them with manufacturers coupons, and often get FREE items!

Tops Store E Coupons

Tops Markets E-Coupons (Click-to-Card Coupons)

There are two different types of digital coupon (or e-coupons as they call them) that you can load to your card to save while shopping. These savings will automatically be taken off when you purchase the item using your Tops loyalty card. There are Tops E-Bonus Saver Coupons and Tops Click-to-Card Coupons. These are Manufacturers Coupons that can not be stacked. The Click-to-Card Coupons can be found here. These coupons will not double. They are one time use coupons and do not count towards gas point.s

Tops E-Bonus Saver E-Coupons

These are Tops Store e-coupons that can be stacked with manufacturers coupons. The E-Bonus Saver coupons can be found here. These coupons will not double and they are one time use coupons.

List of FAQS can be found here
click 2 card
Here is an example of how these coupons should look on your receipt when you cash out. This was my first time using them. They all came off easily (phew!) 🙂
tops app
Want to load the Tops Coupons to your account easier?
Click Here to Read about the Tops Phone App. So you can add those coupons easily to your loyalty cards from your mobile device!

Bonus Gas Points Box

A BIG Way to Save at Tops is with Gas! That’s right, you can save on your gas purchases just from shopping at Tops! It is pretty easy to earn the points to save. Tops runs promotional periods where you can earn theseGas Points. Not every day can you earn, so be aware whether or not your store is running a Gas Points promotional offer. They will let you know when the earning period is over, and when the day is to use up those rewards. Not all stores have Gas Stations, but you can still earn points. Not all Tops may participate in the Bonus Offers given during the promotions if they do not have a gas station, so you may want to ask yours to be sure. Some lucky people have Tops that are “double dip” stores. You may find Catalina Offers, like Save $3 Instantly, or get back $3.00 promotions in conjunction with a bonus gas points promotion.


How Does Gas Points Work?

    1. You get 1 gas point for every dollar spent.
    2. You get 10 Bonus Gas Points per Coupon Redeemed. Limit of 100 Bonus Gas Coupon Points per transaction. (you can use as many coupons as you want per transaction, but only the first 10 will give you the bonus gas points, so if you want to maximize your gas points you need to do separate orders with 10 manufacturers coupons each.)
    3. There are also special gas points promos every week. You can find them located in the ad.

*Please note that your store may limit you to one transaction PER DAY, as according to their policy: “Where available, TOPS GasPoints® earned on the redemption of manufacturers’ paper coupons limited to 10 coupons/100 TOPS GasPoints® per household, per day. TOPS GasPoints® offer excluded from TOPS store coupons, Super Coupons and Click-to-Card coupons. Offer applicable during TOPS GasPoints® earning time periods. See TopsMarkets.com for details.” Many Tops will allow multiple transactions. Just remember to be polite to others shopping if there is one lane open, letting others go in between may make your store more likely to allow multiple transactions. Also Tops store coupons and catalinas (unless they are manufacturers, will not count towards gas points).

Above is a picture of what you can find in the Tops Weekly Ad when they have a Bonus Gas Points Promotion for that Week. These are Bonus Offers given on top of the other two ways you can earn Gas Points. It will tell you how many items you will need to purchase in order to get those Bonus Gas Points. For example (from the picture above) in order to earn 200 Gas Points (a savings of $0.20 off per gallon of gas) you would need to purchase any 6 of the participating items they have in that section. You can really Earn those Gas Points here using coupons and getting these offers!

tops receipt

Above is what you can expect to see when you cash in your Gas Points Earned

At the bottom of the Tops receipt they show you your current Tops Rewards, how much of each you have, and when they expire! GO HERE to Read a more in depth post about Gas Points.

Tops Young At Heart Day

The first Tuesday of every month is Young at Heart Day. It is a savings club exclusively for Tops shoppers 60 years of age and older! You can sign up at the Customer Service desk or your TOPS Pharmacy. On the first Tuesday of the month you will receive special savings, like 6% off your total grocery purchase AND on your prescription purchase! Once you’re signed up, all of these offers will be automatically loaded to your Tops Bonus PlusCard for. Sign up now!

Tops Diaper Club

Start earning FREE diapers today! That’s right! For every $1 you spend on ANY brand of diapers at Tops you receive 1 diaper point with your Tops Bonus Plus Card. Once you earn 100 diaper points you will receive a coupon at checkout (a catalina coupon) for $20 off your next diaper purchase! There is no registration required, you simply just scan your Tops Bonus Plus Card at checkout. You can then use the catalina coupon on your next diaper purchase and get $20 worth of diapers for FREE! Pretty Sweet! Read more about the diaper club here.


Dollar Doublers At Tops

Dollar Doublers?? What does this mean?

Tops occasionally runs what they call a Dollar Doubler promotion. You can pair only FOUR dollar doublers from the Tops weekly ad with Four Manufacturer coupons valued at $1.00 each in each order. You must purchase at least $20!! (supposed to be before coupons, unless you get a hard cashier, not fun! after sales and tops coupons). The coupons can not exceed the price of item bought (no overage given). Please Go Here to Read more in depth about this promotion. We also have a newer improved tips post here.

 enter monopoly game codes

What is the Monopoly Game?

Monopoly is just like the game that McDonald’s has been doing for years. It is a promotion that runs at certain times during the year. You get special board pieces you can enter. If you get all the pieces for a certain prize then you win that prize! And along the way they offer great coupons (okay, $0.25, $0.50 and if lucky $1.00 coupons for various products) sometimes even FREE product coupons!
free cake tops

How to Get a FREE Birthday Cake

Did you know for your Child’s FIRST Birthday, Tops will give you a Coupon for a FREE Cake?!! Read More about that Great Offer Here!

Coupon Policy

Knowing your Stores Coupon Policy is important. Not all stores have the same coupon policies. The Tops Coupon Policy can be found here. The Tops Coupon Policy Reviewed by me can be found here.

Rainbow At Tops

So What do you think??

Is Tops Friendly Markets awesome to shop at in our area or what? Lately they have been offering great other promotions as well – free towels, freebie Thursdays, etc. Who knows what they will come up with next!

I hope you found this Helpful! If there is anything I left out, let me know! I have been working on this while I played Old Maid with the kids, gave them baths, fed them a snack, and got them ready for bed! LOL I may be updating this if I can think of more stuff 🙂

 Ready to Shop at Tops? Check out all the DEALS you can get there!

Thanks For Reading!

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