Save Money On Vacations With 3 Simple Tips

How to Save Money on Vacations

 Save Money On Vacations With 3 Simple Tips

You finally get in the car after tireless accounts of getting your kids ready to go. There is so much to remember when you are going somewhere, and even more so with kids! I know I can’t be the only one who has left the house and forgot one or two things. I always hate forgetting to pack items. I’m a prepare for any occasion girl. Here I will share with you my top 3 favorite ways to save money when we travel or go on vacation.

Road Trip by Car


There are two main ways to travel and that is usually either by car or plane. Traveling by car is our main go to way to travel. Now a days there are many programs that will help you save some money on your gas purchase. Check your local grocery stores. Chances are they may offer gas points just for purchasing groceries at their store. Also check out credit cards you may have. Some may have special point offers where you can cash in for gift cards. I do believe some gas stations even offer discounts to those who sign up for their credit cards. That may be something to look into as well.  Continue reading “How to Save Money on Vacations”

Wet Head Game Only $11.99 (reg $19.99)

Wet Head Game

Check out this game! Seems to be the newest fun summer game. You can get this Wet Head Game for only $11.99 (reg $19.99). Looks like it could be a good one! 

  • One set includes wet head hat water container, water container plug 8 rods and spinner
  • Go to #wetheadchallenge
  • It’s time to take your chances and get WET N’ WILD WITH WET HEAD!
  • Water Roulette game
Grab Deal
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Magic Water Balloons Refill Kit ONLY $6.99!

water balloon filler

Check out this MagicKIDS Magic Water Balloons Refill Kit that is ONLY $6.99! (UPDATE: Now $8.99) If you have an Amazon Prime Membership this ships FREE in 2 days! Love having Prime! You can fill these in 60 Seconds. There are 3 colors to choose from and you get 111 Total Water Balloons. You can also find a 333 count for only $12.99 with assorted colors. I’m grabbing this one this time!

13450108_1212517568761428_4198291470619829889_n 13428584_1212517495428102_3028871072380684621_n

UPDATE: We bought these and LOVE them! Seriously easy and fun to do. And the price is amazing. I checked out Walmart ($11 for same count) and even my local grocery store (Wegmans, 35 count for $4.99) and all the prices are higher per count. You can watch my video on how they fill here. 

13445437_1212517202094798_2809486731284240979_n 13442400_1212517402094778_2422288358031159156_n Continue reading “Magic Water Balloons Refill Kit ONLY $6.99!”

Two Water Park Passes with Lunch at Zoom Flume Water Park Only $59 ($80 Value)

Water Park

Check out how you can get Two Water Park Passes with Lunch at Zoom Flume Water Park Only $59 ($80 Value). I have lived in NY my whole life and keep learning of all these attractions! I have to make a list to share with you all asap!
You will get two water park passes, plus two meals of your choice ($80 value) for only $59.00. Meal choices include a burger, chicken tenders, or a sub sandwich, all served with fries.

This park is Located in East Durham, NY at The Country Place Resort, the park is an easy drive from both New York City and Albany, making it a popular destination for families looking to escape the summer heat. Read on to learn more about the park’s signature attractions: Continue reading “Two Water Park Passes with Lunch at Zoom Flume Water Park Only $59 ($80 Value)”