Do I have to Redeem this Coupon at Walmart?


REDEEMABLE AT, ONLY AT…what does that mean??

Often times we see printable coupons with the words “redeemable at Walmart”. Many retailers assume these are store coupons, when in fact they are manufacturers coupons. Even when a coupon has a store logo on it, more than likely it may not be a store coupon. Find out the differences below.

REDEEMABLE AT: This wording means that you can redeem the coupon at that store.  The important thing to note is that the coupon may state this, but it does not mean that is the only store where you can redeem it.  For instance, it may say “Redeemable at Walmart” but you can still use it at Target. This is just a suggestion companies put on the coupons, suggesting you use it at said store. Keep in mind that some stores may have policies that state they will not accept any coupon with another store’s logo on it – so you may not be able to use them at these locations.

This does not indicate where you need to redeem your coupon.  This is  basically an advertisement for the store letting you know where you can find the product.  You can use these coupons anywhere. Again, store does have the right to refuse.

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