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Try BrainPOP Homeschool FREE for 2 weeks!

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BrainPop Free Trial

BrainPop is an online program that engages children with learning games, animated movies, and activities. They have three different programs geared towards different age groups. They have BrainPop Jr for grades k-3, BrainPop for grades 3-8, and BrainPop Ell that is a proficiency-based English language learning program appropriate for all ages. When my children were younger we took advantage of this and they were able to engage and watch these educational short videos. I’m not sure how it is now, but when my kiddos were younger when they left public school they gave us a code to be able to use. That may be something to ask your local school about if they have a subscription to this program that allows for students to access.

Try BrainPOP Homeschool FREE for 2 weeks!

BrainPop Groups

Homeschool Family Plan standards-aligned, engaging lessons your homeschoolers will love.

  • Subscription options for grades K-3, 3-8, or across both
  • 1,200+ standards-aligned topics + assessments for homeschool
  • Creative projects like coding and movie-making
  • Assignment-builder and teacher dashboard to track progress
  • Up to 4 learner profiles and a teacher profile

Family Plan Boost classroom achievement at home with safe, independent learning activities.

  • Subscription options for grades K-3, 3-8, or across both
  • 1,200+ educational movies, quizzes, and learning games
  • Parent timeline to track learning progress
  • Up to 2 child profiles


 When we used this program, we took advantage of a free offer as well and back years ago we just watched movies. It looks like they also offer up activities, games and other tools as well. If you are interested in signing up for a full year you can grab a discount offer here. 
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