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3 Reasons That Will Make You Want to Get a Grove Box too!

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Grove Box First Open

I’ve been using Grove now for months. I was so excited when I got my first box and wanted to share with you all how to get your amazing first box filled with freebies as well. Since then I’ve been getting boxes here and there when I need them. I’ve loved my Grove box from the beginning and look forward to a new box every time. I wanted to share with you my top reasons that I love Grove so much. Maybe it will entice you to check it out for yourself and see what all the rave is about!

1. Price is Right

No surprise here that if I’m going to be purchasing anything I want to be sure that I am getting the best value first. As with any shopping I always suggest you know your prices. That way you know where is the best place for you to shop and get the best value. When I shop online I am sure to check the prices and compare to the stores I shop in most often. So for me that would be to compare to Walmart or Wegmans. Then next I check online places as well starting off with Amazon. If I can get these items cheaper online I’m all for it! As you can see from my chart below that Grove has the better deals! I typically find that it’s super close to prices in my grocery store as well, if they even carry the product. Overall I find it worth the money and not any more expensive getting your cleaning items from here. They have a wide range of other items as well. So be sure to check everything out!


Dr. Bronner’s Soap 8 oz

Hello Toothpaste 4 oz

Seventh Gen. Wipes 35ct

Aura Cacia Essential Oil 0.5oz

Method  Bathroom Cleaner

Method Shower Spray

Seventh Gen. Liquid Dish Soap









Grove Box Healthier Cleaning Items

2. Convenience

Is shopping online not the easiest thing ever? I have to say it is my favorite way to shop. If I can get something online and save money I’m totally doing it. I may even spend a little more just so I don’t have to shop in stores.

Not only is is easier getting items shipped to your home, but Grove allows you tot tally customized your shipments and boxes. So you can change the dates when ever you want and how often you want. I was all set and ordered a few more items then I was going through so I changed the next ship date to two months out. Then I ran out of something and bumped it up a couple weeks. Love the availability to change at my own will.

Grove Bucket And Spray Counter

3. Healthier

Who doesn’t love to buy more healthier products for your family that you can actually afford?? You can actually spend the same amount per bottle as you would purchasing a bottle of Lysol. So why not go for the one that is better for your family? I know I feel better and like cleaning more with out all those harsh smells of chemicals used in cleaners. I will never use the more commercialized brands again (even if they were free).

3 Reasons That Will Make You Want To Get A Grove Box Too!

Want to try Grove for yourself? Go here and claim your welcome gift of 5 FREE Items with your first $20 purchase. You won’t be sorry you did!

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