All About Purchasing Toilet Paper

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All About Toilet Paper

All About Toilet Paper: Knowing When to Stock Up & How to Calculate Best Prices

Sometimes it can be confusing (okay let’s face it, really confusing) when it comes to figuring out what is the best price for toilet paper. One ply? Two ply? Sq. ft? Extra soft? Gosh there are so many options, and so many brands, and so many prices!

Here are two basic methods to use to help you figure out price wise what is a good deal.

Price Per Sq. Ft.

This is the Price you Pay divided by the total square footage (sq.ft.) of the toilet paper = price per foot — $0.02 and under is a great stock up price to me!

Price Per Roll

This is the Price you Pay divided by the total number of rolls of toilet paper. I think $0.25 or less per roll is a great stock up price to me!

Examples per sq. ft.:

  1. Cottonelle 12 pk often goes on sale, and after coupons costs – $3.00 @ 193.2 square feet. So that’s $3.00 divided by 193.2 = $0.015 per square feet.That is a Great Stock Up Price for Toilet Paper!
  2. 12 Double Rolls of Toilet Paper is 400 sq feet on sale for $5.00 = $0.0215 a square foot. That’s not as good of a stock up price!
  3. If the Toilet Paper is 500 square feet you need to pay $5.00 or less for it to be a good deal. If the Toilet Paper is 425 square feet, you want to pay $4.25 or below.

Examples per roll:

  1. Cottonelle 12 pk on sale, and after coupons costs – $3.00. That’s 3 divided by 12 = $0.25 a roll. That’s a good stock up price.
  2. Toilet Paper is on sale, and after coupons will cost you – $3.50 for a 24 pack. That is 3.50 divided by 24 = $0.14 a roll! That’s a hot stock up price!! get as many as you can 🙂
  3. You find a 12 pk double roll on sale for $4.00. That is 4 divided by 12 = $0.33 a roll. Being a double roll pack, it is safe to even divided that in half again since you essentially are getting double the amount of a normal roll. That would then make it about $0.17 a roll! Pretty Good!

Now Of course for the more expensive brands, you will be paying a bit more for. And if you want 2 ply vs 1 ply you would be expecting to pay a bit more too. All depends on your preferences.


Saving the Rolls Can Make for Some Great Crafts Too!

August 2011 003My kiddos love making various items from these!

Please let me know if you have any helpful tips to add!

Hope this was helpful!



  1. Anastasia

    Hi! Great post and I found it helpful and interesting. I am not clear on the math at the beginning, however. Are you saying that less than 1 cent or 2 cents is “stock up” time?



    1. Kristy

      Yes! Per square inch of bath tissue. I actually use per roll now myself. It’s easier math. If you are paying $0.25 or less per roll than I say that’s a stock up price for me.


  2. Carol

    When we lived in Oregon many years ago, we went on a hike with a Forest Ranger. He taught us how to start a good camp fire and said he was going to use durdurs to start the fire. No one knew what he was talking about. Then he pulled out the cardboard inside rolls of toilet paper. He said it’s because they are cardboard and have glue on them that they start good fires. We’ve used durdurs ever since to start our camp fires.


    1. Kristy

      I love that tip! Thanks for sharing!


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