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Amazon Prime Day 2018: Tips You need to Know to Get Ready!

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Amazon Prime Day 2018: Tips You need to Know to Get Ready!

Amazon Prime Day 2018: Tips You need to Know to Get Ready!

Prime Day 2018 this year is announced and it is on Tuesday, July 16th starting at 3 pm. This event is for Prime Members Only! So if you are not a Prime Member, you can totally sign up for FREE for 30 days! You will want to sign up now so you are ready for when these deals go live early typically the day before official prime day. You don’t want to miss out on these awesome deals! We will keep you posted! Check out the page all the deals will be on here.

How to Be Ready

  1. Sign Up for Amazon Prime for FREE (you can cancel anytime) these deals are for Prime Members only!
  2. Join Our Event Page (click interested, or join button at the top!) so you can see ALL the GREAT deals we will be sharing all day! This will be a fast passed event!
  3. Take the poll, or share with me what deals you are hoping to see so I can be on the look out for them for you!
  4. Keep your eyes peeled for when we do flash giveaways for Amazon Gift Cards!! This will be in the event page only!

Amazon Prime Day 2018: Tips You need to Know to Get Ready!

Our Tips:

  1. Make a List of what you may be looking for this year. Think of any items at all that you may be looking for….household, kitchen, every day needs. Also think about Holiday gift ideas and what items you could grab and pack away to give away to family and friends later.
  2. Be Ready and Be Fast because sometimes there will be some lightening deals that won’t be sticking around long so if it’s an item you could use at a great low price add it quick and cash out.
  3. Work Together and ask others for help finding deals. Once you ave a list you can either let me know as I will be making a list for you all or join up with a friend or family member so you both can be on the look out for the items you are looking for.
  4. Have Fun but be Smart about these online deals. Sometimes a sale may not be all that great of a sale. So make sure you know your prices and don’t get caught scooping up a so-so deal just because it looks like it’s discounted huge.


I hope to see you there!
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