50% Off Christmas At Walmart 4

Christmas Items are 50% off at many stores

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50% Off Christmas At Walmart 4

The day after Christmas starts the clearance on the Christmas items. You can find this mark down at many stores. We are seeing them at Walmart (that’s where these pictures are from) and Target and more!

50% Off Christmas At Walmart 2

Keep your eyes peeled for anything Christmas themed. My favorites are finding items that are not just decorations and wrapping paper. I love finding items I can use year round like these dishes. Also be on the look out for holiday themed boxes of food. 

50% Off Christmas At Walmart 3

I always like to wait till it hits 75% off. But there are some items that sellout fast so you may want to get them first if you really can use them. Items like Christmas cards, trees, containers, dishes, foods, etc.

Parent's Choice Holiday Diapers At Walmart Clearanced

Be on the look out for these diapers where some even found them as low as a $1.00 a box! WOW! The price will vary by store so keep checking yours!


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