Coupons and their Values can Vary by Region!!

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(Above is a picture of my favorite coupons found in the Democrat & Chronicle Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts, but not in my Finger Lakes Times Paper)

Did you know that coupons and their values can be different in regions??


Lots of times a nice high value coupon will come out (like the $4.00/1 Almay) and you may not see it in your area. Some coupons are released in order to target certain areas to see what/when people use those, and some offer better values depending on demographics and other stuff. So coupons do vary by region. Even our Finger Lakes Times and Democrat & Chronicle can vary, sometimes A LOT! I decided this week to show you the differences two papers can have. You can see the examples in the pictures I posted here today.

Regional Differences
If a particular product is selling well in one area of the US but is not in another area, companies might do a high value coupon n the poor-selling area in order to push the product and potentially increase its popularity.

Test Products
Sometimes products are being test marketed in certain areas, so those coupons will be a bit more high in order to sell the product and get feedback on them. The coupons in the other inserts will be lower, and often with a longer expiration date.

Sometimes different daily newspapers serving the same area will also have different coupon inserts, sometimes with additional coupons.Typically the larger the circulation of that paper, the better the coupons.


So sometimes you will find $0.75/1 instead of $1.00/2 coupons for the same product in two different papers. Or sometimes even a coupon for a product and it not even be offered in another paper (another region).

I personally buy 2 papers every Sunday; Finger Lakes Times and Democrat & Chronicle. I get my other coupons from friends and family members after they are done using them.

(Above is a picture of my favorite coupons found in the Finger Lakes Times Paper Coupon Inserts, but not in my Democrat & Chronicle Sunday Paper)






Above are all the coupons I just cut out of today’s Finger Lakes Times.

Below are all the coupons I just cut out of today’s Democrat & Chronicle.





Can you see the differences???



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