Friendly And Helpful Homeschooling Community Facebook Groups

Friendly and Helpful Homeschooling Community Facebook Groups

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Friendly And Helpful Homeschooling Community Facebook Groups

So it just dawned on me how I have a list of my favorite couponing Facebook groups so why not ones of my favorite homeschooling Facebook group? Below is a list of some of my favorite homeschooling community Facebook groups with a little bit about each one. I hope this will help you if you are looking to start homeschooling, or maybe are new or on the fence. Even if you are a bit seasoned I encourage you to join some community groups! I find that engaging or just reading what others are doing, experiences, finding, etc is a great help in homeschooling. These are not all of the groups out there, just some I have joined personally and benefit from them. If you have a great group you would like to see on the list, please let me know! Thanks!

I would also encourage you to search for your local community groups. Try searching by town, city, county or state!

New York State Homeschoolers Facebook Groups

  • New York State Homeschooling Q & A – This group has a great break down of what you need to get started with homeschooling here. They have information on how to create letter of intents, info on special needs, quarterly reports, and more. It’s a great to use the search feature at top of groups to find discussions you may be looking for answers on. Now more then ever many are asking questions and the community support is amazing!
  • New York State Homeschoolers – This group is for New Yorkers to talk all about homeschooling. Great community form.

Secular Homeschooling Community Groups (not religion based)

Non Secular Based Homeschooling Groups (religion based)

Friendly And Helpful Homeschooling Community Facebook Groups

Free Resources Homeschooling Community Groups

Homeschool Groups Run by Bloggers

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