Frugal Make Over for Bar Stool

Frugal Way to Cover Up Old Bar Stools

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Frugal Make Over for Bar Stool

In our kitchen we have an island where we have a couple of bar stools. Years ago I obtained some older bar stools from my parents. I spray painted them and decided to get new fabric to cover them. Recently, I’ve had a problem keeping them clean. It’s no wonder with two kids and some pets that I can’t keep them clean.


One day walking around Walmart looking at fabric I saw the pre-cut squares and thought to myself that they would probably fit my bar stools. So I grabbed a couple of the $0.97 squares to try. Sure enough they fit great. This is a Frugal Way to Cover Up Old Bar Stools.

My local Walmart now has even more pre-cut squares and they now offer a wide range of styles in a whole yard cut ready to go. I was super excited to see that. I can’t wait till I can get my craft room set up so I can do more with fabric. I don’t know what yet…but I can’t wait! LOL. The style I got was only $3.97. I thought that was a fair price to pay to re-do all four of my bar stools. Sure does beat buying all brand new ones just because the fabric was worn.

Staple fabric on bar stools

What You Need:

Wrapping Fabric Around Bar Stools

So pretty simple as is any thing I do around my house it seems… I measured the fabric with the bar stool upside down to make sure it would fit. Folding up the sides to make sure it would wrap around and have enough room to be stapled down. For me I left the fabric in a square.

I start off by stapling one side and then pulling the opposite side snug to make sure it fits. Then I staple that side. After that I do the same with the other side. Once I have four staples, one in each side, I work on between them and around the legs.

Close Up Bar Stools

For the corners of the squared fabric I wrapped then around the bar stool legs and secured them with staples. See image about for example.

fabric on bar stools

From above you can get a visual of how it’s going to look. No one is going to see the under side of your bar stool, but you will want to make sure it’s as snug and tidy as you can get it.

Stapling the fabric on bar stools

The same method works for larger bar stools as well. We have the common ones from Walmart with the backing. I just make sure the fabric is large enough and detail cushion to add the fabric to. Same method applies to this style as well. I just had no legs to worry about, so that made it easier. For this one I did trim the access fabric away when I was finishes stapling.

I was pretty pleased with how it comes out and no worries for wear and tear as I can always spend a few dollars and easily re-do them in the future. What do you think? Have you done this with your bar stools or any chairs in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

Frugal Way To Cover Up Old Bar Stools

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